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Blood tests


Hi I really would just like some info I really think I have hypothyroidism I had blood test and my doctor said I'm fine when I asked what my result were he just said 1.5 but I don't know what that means I have terrible symptoms being awful chills and pales skin I feel so poorly I only think I have hypothyroidism as my mom has recent been diagnosed too and with my symptoms being as bad as they are I can't think anything else can someone please help me understand my results I'd be very grateful

Thank you

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Well, given that most doctors will only test the TSH, I imagine it's that. And, a TSH of 1.5 is a fantastic result, in a doctor's eyes.

Unfortunately, it rarely tells the whole story. Do you know why your mother is hypo? Does she have antibodies? If so, ask your doctor to test your antibodies, too. Or, better still, get your own, private tests done. You can get a finger prick test that will test :







vit B12


vit D (I think)

If you get that lot done, you will have a much better idea what is going on, and why you feel bad. But, doctors wont test them all - too expensive! And they don't know what they mean, anyway! lol

Ohh right that explains a lot 😊 thank you, yes my mother is hypo she's taking meds for it thyroxine in think? I will definitely ask my doctor if he will check my antibodies but failing that I will get my own tests thank you 😊

There are so many tests available privately that trying to choose the right ones from reliable companies at the minimum possible cost is a bit daunting. Ask for info in a new post if the situation arises.

Thank you hmmm yes it's very confusing

What time of the day were your bloods taken ?

They wer taken in the morning hun


I wasn't being tested for Hypothyroidism, my doctors were testing for Lupus but along the way of the mass of blood tests my thyroid came back borderline under active. I had the test repeated after 12 weeks and it went under active. Maybe request a full blood count so they can rule anything else out.

I fully understand how you feel, my doctors kept telling me I had a viral infection, I was so sick I was off work and losing money I couldn't afford to. My father has Lupus and APS and I eventually demanded I was tested for it, because when you know something isn't right, you know. Due to my pushing of tests I was eventually diagnosed with the exact same illnesses as my father and then some. Good luck, I hope you get some answers and start to feel better soon.

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Wow 😰 thank you hun I will persist in getting done answer because I know for something isn't right I can't literally not get warm and my night sweats are so severe I wake at least 8 times a night drenched I'm do worried, sorry to hear you're feeling so bad too hun


If you can not get GP to do these tests, then like many of us, you can get them done privately

Blue Horizon - Thyroid plus eleven tests all these.

This is an easy to do fingerprick test you do at home, post back and they email results to you couple of days later.

Usual advice on ALL thyroid tests, (home one or on NHSu) is to do early in morning, ideally before 9am. No food or drink beforehand (other than water) If you are taking Levo, then don't take it in 24 hours before (take straight after). This way your tests are always consistent, and it will show highest TSH, and as this is mainly all the medics decide dose on, best idea is to keep result as high as possible

As lupus is autoimmune (as well as Hashimoto's) you might find reading this interesting

The immune recovery plan by Susan Blum

Request copies of all your lab tests. Any doctor who says "fine" or "normal" is doing you a disservice. I don't know what "1.5" is, but it is probably your TSH, which is a pituitary (not thyroid) hormone. For people who do not convert T4->T3 well, TSH is NOT adequate. You don't really know if you are hypothyroid, until you have your T3 (active thyroid hormone) level checked, using the FT3 (free T3) test.

Knowledgeable docs use the full panel of TSH/FT3/FT4/rT3/TPOAb/TGAb. The last two tests tell you if you have Hashimoto's antibodies to your thyroid, which is super important.

Nutritionals also affect how your thyroid system works. You are unlikely to get any help from an MD on that issue.

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