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How often blood tests?

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As title suggests really. I’m new to all this as was diagnosed 8 weeks ago with TSH 68. Wasn’t tested for anything else at time. Then referred to endo who doesn’t test unless asked for and told me I was atypical when told him I wasn’t feeling better and maybe worst from his prescription of ( one pill fixes all) levothyroxine although TSH 15 at time. He said he had no answers and asked me what I wanted to test for. Also recommended referring me to a cardiologist and psychiatrist as he couldn’t explain the palpitations and feelings of depression.

Seems I have to shout for anything to happen as he hasn’t a clue how to treat me.(( Buying a dog and barking myself springs to mind)). So I’m asking you educated peeps what I need to ask for and how often I should be tested.

5 Replies
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Hi putneyhorse, welcome to the wonderful world of thyroid disorder. You would be well advised to read as much as you can on these pages so that you can keep your errant endoc in order. In general endos come from the remedial class of medicine, if they were any brighter the would be running a welk stall.

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Firstly, how much of what were you put on?

Secondly, endos don't know anything about thyroid, as a general rule. They are diabetes specialists. But, admittedly, yours does sound worse than average!

Tests you need :




TPO antibodies

TG antibodies

vit d

vit B12



You do not need a psychiatrist and probably don't need a cardiologist - unless you feel your heart is really playing up. You need someone who knows just a tiny little bit about thyroid - like what tests to do. And who won't make an ass of himself by telling the patient that 'atypical', which just goes to show how little he knows about thyroid. It really is pathetic!

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To answer your question about how often to test. Ideally you should be having a dose increase, and then after holding on that for 6 weeks a thyroid panel blood test. This consists of TSH, freeT4, FreeT3, and antibodies. At this point the dose should be adjusted again. However I have only ever been offered retesting every 3 months.

GG has given the complete list of vitamins, too. These can be tested less often. You definitely want them all at least once, and then if you need treatment for any of them a retest after a few months.

Make sure you get printouts of all results, so you can post them here and research yourself. Doctors have very little knowledge in these areas and will often make poor decisions.

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Your TSH is still well out of range. It should be around 1, so you need a higher dose of Levothyroxine (or whatever you are taking). But greygoose is right. People with dodgy thyroids very often end up really defiicient in Ferritin, Vitamin D, B12 and folate, and without really healthy levels of these (at least half way up the range) your body won't make best use of the medication you take.

Depression is a symptom of hypothyroidism, which you have, as is high cholesterol (so don't let your doctor give you statins until the hypothyroidism is sorted out. Heart palpitations can also be symptom. I get a very slow, heavy heartbeat when I am under-medicated, and I have never had a TSH above 7.5, so it's very likely your heart symptoms are from being under-medicated. The amount of appointments, time and money that must be wasted when people with hypothyroidism are referred to specialists they don't need for symptoms of undertreated hypothyroidism must be enormous!

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Quite a while since I posted. Thanks for all suggestions. I became worryingly bad mentally which the Endo just put down to unrelated mental issues. ( more worrying when I discovered this guy is the leading voice in allopathic medicine in my area and doesn’t believe hashimotos exists)

Long story short ( more because my memory is as issue) thanks to info I acquire from this site I am now using a recommended functional doctor( and more importantly caring doc), who knows his stuff and I’m slowly, very slowly becoming more human. Now taking T3 which my previous endo said could kill me. Also diet change has made a difference although previous endo said it wouldn’t.

Still early days but if I hadn’t found this site and an alternative I’m not sure I would be here. So thank you so much and continue the good work.

If there’s a place to name and shame and compliment good doctors I’d love to know.

Health to everyone.

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