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Change of diagnosis, can anyone shed any light?

hi, I've not posted for a while as had a tricky pregnancy due my thyroid going overactive again and now rushed off my feet with looking after the baby.

Anyway I was diagnosed with thyrotoxicosis in 2008 and after lots of test & iodine uptake x-rays etc was told Graves disease (without the antibody) .

I was back at the endo on 3rd of Jan and after the usual blood tests got a letter to say I have a multinodular thyroid not Graves. I don't have details of the latest results.

Now am I missing something, surely a scan is required to confirm this change in diagnosis? I'm now concerned I have no choice but to go down the thyroidectomy route.

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Could you clarify about "without antibody", please?

Which antibody have you been tested for? Do you mean TSI,or TPOab, or something else?


Hi Rod, I was tested twice and came back TRab negative - hope that makes sense.


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