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Going to see my GP tomorrow morning and tips?

Hi everyone,

I posted on here last week and you gave me some really good advice. I've got an appointment with my GP tomorrow and want to go in prepared so wondered if you could give me your opinions on my plan?

My last blood test showed a level of 2.6 (range 0.25 - 5) and she said this was normal so kept me at a dosage of 75mcgs, despite me saying that my symptoms were still there and had infact got worse. So she's told me to come in for an anaemia test. But after reading Dr Toft's book and reading all the excellent info on here, I realise I might have to get a bit more tough.

Carolyn (thank you) suggested I should ask for a trial increase up to 100mcgs which I will do. I'll also ask for serum iron, ferritin, vitamin B12, folate and vitamin D level tests.

I'm worried about what I should say to her to make her understand or listen to me without getting her mad.

If anyone has suggestions I would be so grateful! Like everyone, I just want to get well!

Thank you!

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Hi nuggetnet!

Might I suggest that you highlight in Dr Toft's book (literally, with a highlighter pen) the section about how to judge the correct dose of thyroxine (it's on page 88), and actually show it to her. It quite clearly states that 'a TSH of 0.2 mU/l' would be a typical result. It also goes on to say that in some patients 'a sense of well-being is achieved only when...TSH is low or undetectable'

It also says in a red box at the bottom of the page that the 'blood tests should not be interpreted in isolation and correct medical care will also depend on careful assessment of symptoms and clinical examination' (in other words, don't just look at the figures, look at the patient!)

Perhaps if you show her this and say 'I understand that you need to be careful not to overdose me, I would not want that myself. I'm not asking you to do something unethical, but just asking you to follow these guidelines and see how I get on.' If you can manage this with a super-deferential attitude, maybe even telling her how much you respect her as a doctor, or something, it might help to deflect her feeling that you are telling her what to do!

That is exactly what I said to my doctor, and although he was not particularly happy with this uppity patient who thought she knew more than him (when it comes to my body, I do!), he finally agreed to an increased dose. That was about 6 weeks ago and I am already feeling the benefit of a 25mcg increase.

That is the best I can offer, I really hope it might help, and you have some success - Marie XXX


brilliant Marie,

excellent advice x


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