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Thyroid function test results in - normal???

Hello again!

A really quick summary of events so far..........

Noticed a slight lump on neck and blood test done on 23/10/12.

Returned for results a week later. Lump is getting more noticeable, but told that results are normal.

Referred to hospital for scan and FNA. Scan showed large 'something' inside thyroid gland, but FNA results are inconclusive.

Hemithyroidectomy op on 02/01/13, going for results on Thursday.

Meanwhile, Dr did another blood test and got results today. Told results are slightly up, but no cause for concern. Re test in one month.

I asked for a copy of results and they are as follows.

23/10/12 Serum TSH level 1.25 mu/L (0.27-4.2)

11/01/13 Serum TSH level 5.59 mu/L (0.27-4.2)

11/01/13 Serum Free T4 level 13.7pmol/L (12-22)

I asked about T3, and was told that T3 would only be checked if my T4 was abnormal.

I am surprised by the difference in the TSH level.

I am pretty new to all of this, but know that I don't feel 'normal' at the moment. My insomnia is driving me crazy. Am sometimes waking up drenched in sweat when I do get to sleep! My heart races when I just roll over in bed. Although I don't notice palpitations during the day any more. I did have a big problem with them a couple of years ago, which thankfully subsided.

Feel tired and dopey. - Of course I am just 12 days post op, so this could be the reason.

I will have a greater understanding I guess after Thursday when I return to the hospital for

op results. Meanwhile, if the above blood test results mean anything to anyone, I'd love to know.

Many thanks, Nicky :-/

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I think, if your TSH continues to be this high with such a low T4, that you need thyroxine. Just because it is in range doesn't mean that it is right for you. Clearly it isn't because your results are quite different from before the op. I suspect that your pre-op results are near normal for you, in which case this is what your doctor should be aiming for.

It might be that your doctor is waiting for the rest of your thyroid to kick up production to compensate for the missing part of your thyroid. There is no guarantee that this will happen though so if your results don't improve I would be fighting for treatment.


If you take away a bit of someone's thyroid, they are likely not to be able to make enough of their own thyroid hormone. Therefore the amount of thyroid hormone will drop - the speed at which it drops depending on lots of factors - until it eventually stabilises. But if that point means you have too little thyroid hormone to function properly, you will suffer.

And that is exactly where you appear to be going.

Your TSH is rising - and is now at a point where some doctors would be happy to prescribe thyroid hormone (levothyroxine). Your FT4 is falling.

If that is the change in 12 days, I suspect you are going to go further in the same direction before you stabilise. And that will cause you to feel worse. In my opinion, unless there is something I am totally missing, expecting you to wait a month before you even have another test is disgraceful.

On Thursday make sure that whoever you see is told absolutely clearly how bad you feel, what your results are, what your doctor proposed. Make sure it gets into your records. And ask for help.


Hi Have you had a PTH ( parathyroid ) , calcium and vit D test together AM ( bloods ) ? as that can denote a problem with the PTH and then you need nuclear scans. Also, why have you not had a thyroid biopsy, a fine needle biopsy?I really think you also need a TSH, T4 and Free T3 doing. Did the hospital not do them or was it all done through the GP? If so I would ask to see and endo as a start.

Best wishes,



Hi Nicky,

This sounds like me. I'm just putting a post up now! Xx


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