If you take NDT, how much do you take and how much levo did you used to take?

I am interested to find a correlation between the previous amount of levo people were on and the dose of NDT that is making them feel well. I am aware that most of us who used to be on levo were dosed according to blood tests rather than symptoms, but I thought it would be interesting to find out. It might also give me an idea of what dose of NDT I am likely to ultimately need.


Carolyn x

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  • I was on 75mcg I had been up to 100mcg (didn't feel good on either) so dropped to 75mcg.

    I am now on 1 1/2 gr NDT plus 10mcg T3. I feel well. As soon as I stopped T4 I improved enormously but it took a while to find the right product.

  • Thanks. That would make it equivalent of about 2 1/2 grains perhaps in total? That is interesting. I was on 125mcg and now take 3 grains NDT. I also improved almost straight away on stopping levo. It seems to be like poison to some of us

  • I am currently on 2.25 grains but still a bit under-medicated I think. I was only on 50mcg of thyroxine (plus 1 Nutrition Thyroid). However that was a year ago so not sure if my thyroid failure has worsened since then (although I felt dreadful on that dosage). Not sure what dosage I will end up on... :D xx

  • i was diagnosed with hypoT in 1996 and slowly increased levothyroxine to 175 mcg .I didn't get better and found Dr S. in 1998. I started on armour and reached 100mcg thyroxine plus 2 1/2 grains armour.My blood tests were always within the 'normal range' on this amount. I was in my forties at this time, bringing up my son and working and extremely busy, even managing decorating and swimming.But I did have collapses and I realise that I was being completely driven by the medication and had hyper symptoms.I saw a really good acupuncturist who was horrified at my pulses and he helped me to come down to a more reasonable amount of medication.I am now on 75 mcg thyroxine and 1 1/2 grains of armour. I think that the extra amount I was on saw me through the menopause and now that is over I don't need so much.Also, I do a lot less these days! I know that bringing up children, working and doing home stuff is so difficult with this illness and so many of us self push to get everything done. But as my acupuncturist pointed out -I will always have hypothyroidism, so don't give myself hyperthyroidism as well. It is a fine balance, as our hormones change all the time.

  • 75mcg Levo and desperately ill, so never got it any higher, though it probably should have been. I'm totally unstable and take anything between 1 and 3 1/5 grains per day, though mostly 2.

    I think my thyroid is very close to being burnt out, hopefully I will settle into a set dose once that happens, but I wont hold my breath.

  • i was euthyroid on 125mg levo and feeling like sh&t. Now i'm on 2 grains 60mg Thyroid S. Felt ok on 2.5 grains, so may go back up.

  • Thanks everyone. This is quite interesting. There doesn't seem to be a direct correlation between levo dose and NDT dose and it certainly doesn't equate with what Forrest labs say in their conversion chart. It just shows how different we all are!

  • I believe Dr Lowe said that most people need between 2 and 4 grains and STTM says 3-5 grains :D x

  • Thanks. I was getting a little worried that I keep needing to increase. I think I'm nearly there but it will probably be around 4 grains before I hit my optimal dose. I'm not very patient so this 4 weeks waiting on 3 grains is very frustrating :D

  • I am now taking 4 grains of Nature Throid (1.5 bedtime, 1.5 two hours before i get up, 1 at 11am). I was taking 125 T4 + 25/30 T3 - I'm loads better since i switched in August.

    I think it has something to do with weight too, i'm a bit fat at the moment, so i'm thinking once i manage to lose weight i'll need less, and same with the fact i do a lot of sports, i think if i did less I might also need less NDT.

  • You sound a lot like me! I'm a bit fat at the moment (15 stones! I always used to be skinny!) and I do karate, strength training and I walk everywhere (quickly). My job means I am always on my feet too. Perhaps that is why I am needing quite a bit. I was not well on 125mcg levo and always felt an addition of T3 would help, hence the NDT. I have noticed a considerable improvement since starting NDT but there is still some way to go.

    Thanks for your input. It's something I hadn't thought of :)

  • It's annoying being fit and healthy but looking fat isn’t it! Exercise makes me feel good though so I guess that’s what matters! There is a connection with exercise and cortisol production too, which also effects thyroid, but I’m a bit confused by all of that. x

  • I know what you mean. It is so frustrating. I'm fitter than most of my friends but I don't look it at all. I'll have to look into the connection between cortisol and exercise. It sounds very interesting.

  • I used to take 175 levo and now on 3 grains Armour and 25 T3. (Thyroidectomy in 2003)

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