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Re post ...ndt/levo combo to levo only and back to ndt/levo combo


Hi really need an answer to this question as I need to make this switch and fast!!!!long story short I’ve been trying different combinations over last few month to find what suits me best and that is 1.5 grain ndt +25mg levo daily .For last 3month I’ve been taking 100mg levo but want to get back to my ndt/levo I have to start from scratch with small quarter grain increases of ndt or can I just switch from one to the other overnight???many thanks

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How did you switch from NDT/ levo to levo one go or gradually? Strange that you find the NDT/levo combo best as often you find hypos on NDT add extra T3 because the fixed ratio of T4/T3 in NDT is not enough, perhaps due to poor conversion of T4 to get FT3 high enough.

Hi I did it in all one go and my conversion wasn’t too bad .I don’t find it strange that I added t4 to my ndt ...after months of addressing everything from quarter of a grain right the way up to even over medication on it I had never felt well on ndt alone and continued to have low/under range t4 .I know it’s always said that low t4 doesn’t matter as long as t3 is good on ndt but after reading “Tired Thyroid “ I decided to add t4 to the mix and pretty much felt better straight away as have many more people who simply need a good level of t4 as well as t3 when taking ndt .I had the best bloodwork I’ve ever had on this combo!I then wanted to see if t4 only would suit me now all vits/iron/adrenals etc had been adressed as it’s much easier if it works (reasoning t4only may not have worked for me in the past due to not knowing the importance of this nobody would tell you unless you came here on HealthUnlocked)...anyways when all is said and done my experiment is over and I know now what is ‘best for me’and want to get back to that combo ASAP and wish to know if I have to do it as if I was starting all over again as a novice to ndt or can simply start on 1.5 grain/25mg levo in the morning......It’s been a very long tiring difficult journey for me but am totally confident in my decision.

I don't see why you shouldn't do a straight swop. I would. :)

Lozzer66 in reply to greygoose

Think I will GG ....

Hi ...yes I understand that when first going from levo to ndt that you must start low and build up to see how you tolerate the direct t3 and so that you don’t miss your sweet spot ....but if I already know what my sweet spot is and that I don’t have a problem tolerating the t3 in ndt why would I have to start slow having a reduction in medication and therefore getting myself into a more “hypo “ state ??...can there be some other reason why I can’t do this?I hope you can shed light on this Reallyfedup123 as I really wish to get back to my ndt/levo combination ,thanks


You can switch from one to another without problems in the approximate amount you've been taking. If either pulse/temp increase a bit, you can reduce slightly till you feel stable.

Lozzer66 in reply to shaws

Thanks Shaws 100mg levothyroxine this morning and tomorrow 1.5 grain ndt +25mg levo all in one dose in the morning?

shawsAdministrator in reply to Lozzer66

Usually if 1 gr of NDT = 100mcg of levo.

This is a chart of the equivalence of NDT/levo so that you can double-check and take the nearest to what you are taking each day at present and after two weeks increase slightly if you need but always take pulse/temp as a guide for a short time anyway..

After many months of my own trying out of different doses/ meds to see what suited me best (which included many private blood tests)the conclusion for me was 1.5 grain Thai thiroid plus 25 mg levothyroxine is where I felt at my best .


You can do it as a straight swap.

It’s a very moderate dose.

I would say I swapped my ndt and found I no longer needed any extra t4.

Best wishes

Lozzer66 in reply to Howard39

Thanks Howard so just to confirm..did you go from ndt/levo to levo then back to ndt/levo but then dropped the levo so now you are just on ndt ??

Howard39 in reply to Lozzer66


Levo and t3 to ndt and a little t3

Now just ndt.

I used my thermometer tho 4 times a day after stabilising the adrenals- I aimed for 36.50 and after what was a surprising start at 33 my temps are spot on and adrenals good. ( they need attention if more than 0.4 out of average temp readings )

Yes low dhea and high cortisol is the most common group.

Good luck

Lozzer66 in reply to Howard39

Cheers Howard ...I could never get my temperatures right ...even when I became over medicated on ndt with over range t3 my temperature was still in the low 36’s ....sometimes it had been in 34’-35’s ....however since starting hrt 4 month ago my basal is bang on 37* and pretty much stable throughout the day it seems my low estrogen/progesterone had been taxing my adrenals imo ...

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