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2 Sinus infections in 3 months

Hi I'm on 150mcgs of Levo for hashimotos . I haven't had my levels checked in some months but I am concerned as I have had 2 severe sinus infections since September . I got rid of the first after about 7 weeks & now another has started since Christmas Day. It's making me feel terrible & doctors seem to have no sympathy & give me sudafed which doesn't do anything . What can I do to help myself & build a stronger immune system? I've been plagued my whole life with respiratory infections but when I started Levothyroxine they went away - for 14 months . And suddenly they are back with a vengeance ! Help!

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I too have just had my second sinus infection, as well I was ill with a high temperature but no other symptoms apart from feeling achey and rubbish. I had a flu jab on 8th October so have been astounded with how many things I have gone down with this winter so far.I do have a flu jab every year, but this year like many I have spoken to, have gone down with viruses akin to flu. My hubby thinks they have had a backlog of jabs from the swine flu scare and have used them, not sure on that one. I must say that since being diagnosed hypothyroid I seem to catch everything going, where before this I was pretty healthy. The doctor says there is no connection with these viruses and the thyroid gland. Lets hope we start 2013 feeling a little better. I am off to Portugal for two weeks on the 3rd Jan, so rest, good food and a bit of sunshine might just do the trick. My best wishes to you for better health


Hi Flutgal, I think you should not be on Sudafed if you are taking levothyroxine. In America they are very good at telling you what you should and should not be taking together, but not in this country. Also look on I think it tells you on that site. Wish you well. Janet.


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