Sinus infections

So many people seem to suffer from this when hypo that I thought I'd share my solution. After spending 6 months on antibiotics prescribed by my ENT the infection simply returned. I was signed off as hopeless but as I opened the door to leave he said 'Have you tried a neti pot?' Well that was the beginning of the solution. Neti pots using special neti salt are used to wash out the sinuses. I believe in some cultures/religions it forms part of the normal cleanliness. It worked. I upgraded to a battery driven and more easily operated Sinugator that I obtained from NeilMed. I rarely have an infection now - if I begin to feel blocked I rinse.

I believe these can be obtained from Boots as well

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  • Hi,

    I have suffered chronic rhinositis & ended up having an op. After which I had to use the rinsing solution you mention to avoid infection. ENT Dr ecommended occasional use ongoingly.

    Sinuses much better but still getting some sinus infections occasionally, so after reading your post can only presume its part of Fibro ): x

  • Hi jellynpain - I'm hypothyroid which often comes with a constant post-nasal drip...ideal territory for infection. Lots of these conditions seem to be inter-linked, often by being an auto-immune disease

  • Hi

  • I do this too! Pretty much every cold, without intervention, seems to turn into a sinus infection for me.

    Now I use the neti pot and a decongestent nasal spray once or twice a day when I have a cold, which usually manages to prevent sinusitis.

  • They are essentially the same process as sterimar which sprays a saline jet into the nasal passages.

    Since trying it for myself I have concluded there is nothing better

  • Thanks for providing more info, I didn't realise these products existed.

  • Hi, just in case you haven't already done it, try giving up dairy. It worked for me and it's worth a try.


  • I wish it did work for me :(

    I tried the Zoe Harcombe diet (which works even for hypos) and that excludes pretty much everything that isn't protein and veg to begin with. So I know that dairy and gluten don't really affect me. However being dairy free can be very helpful to many sufferers.

  • Just a word of warning about these devices... I suffer with nasal polyps and this was recommended to me by the ENT specialist. However, having spent £17 on one and using it just once, instead of feeling clearer and better I was left for 4 days during which time my nose felt as though it was filled with concrete and I could neither breathe in or out through it. When it finally cleared to my pre-use state after almost 10 days of sheer misery, I swore never to use this instrument of the devil again! :-(

  • I suffer from permanent sinus infections. I have just had two lots of antibiotics. Also have post nasal drip/rhinitis. Have had steroid sprays all to no avail, and am now on antihistamines.

  • I am the same...but had never associated sinusitis and post-nasal drip with hypothyroidism/fibromyalgia before . I also find being dairy-free means many fewer colds, which helps. Other triggers for me are red wine, dust, cats and dogs. I have had mixed results with NeilMed Sinus Rinse but my brother swears by it.

  • I have the netti pod it's brilliant highly recommend it to anyone

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