Offensive sinus infection

Sorry for this awful post but I am at my wits end. Three weeks ago I woke up with a horrible taste in my mouth. Since then I have been suffering with my left side of nose feeling blocked then the awful smell started. It only happens if I bend forward and sideways and also at night in bed lying on my back. It's absolutely revolting smells like a dead animal in my sinus. It runs out like clear water and can also just happen with out bending. The smell is sickening, at night it stops me from sleeping as it runs in to my throat and I have taken to dabbing a little perfume on my nose to stop having to smell it. If I manage to blow some out I could fill a room with the smell. My husband is having to be tactful about it with bags of sympathy as I can't even give him a kis as I quite frankly stink!!!!!

I have been given a weeks worth if amoxycilin 3/ 500mg followed by a week of doxcycicline 2/200mg went back to doctor as no change and he sent me to A & E with a covering letter for ENT. They gave me a flea in my era and said I shouldn't be bothering them, I politely said that I had been sent by my GP. They took an XRay to discover a lot if infection in my sinus. They told me to go back to my GP and get some more antibiotics.

I will have to see my doctor again tomorrow, has anyone else suffered this horrible infection. It's getting me down as I never know when it's going to over spill and catch me out. I have taken to sneaking off to the ladies to wash my face as I can't stay in my work place smelling. Help I'm desperate. By the way I have hypothyroidism.

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  • Sinus infections and hypothyroidism go hand in hand and I suffered for years, so I feel your pain. Years ago my GP told me that he could not offer me anything that would work better than steam inhalations. These days I put rosemary or sage in the water as they are both astringent herbs that should help to dry everything up. A few drops of tea tree oil would probably be effective as well.

    At the first hint of a sinus infection I use an oil burner with anti viral and/or antibiotic oils and that helps to stop it getting entrenched.

    Strengthening your immune system will help to fight it off.

    Oh, and finally, it probably doesn't smell half as bad as you think!

  • I have a friend who gets regular sinus infections and she uses a contraption you can buy from any chemist. It is basically sniffing salt water but do not ask me exactly how it works. She swears by it and it is much healthier than taking more antobiotics. Salt is an amazing killer of germs. Worth a try!

  • Hi daisymoo - I have this problem ALL the time. Its connected to the constant post nasal drip that seems to come with hypo symptoms. I was once put on antibiotics for 3 months but it still comes back. The worst part is smelling the infection - just glad no-one else can :(

    I use a neti pot to wash sinuses and it helps quite a lot

  • Yes it is awful unfortunately other people gave smelt it on me

  • Any chance you have an infected tooth that is draining into the sinus?

  • That could be it. I had toothache that subsided then the smell and yellow discharge in my left nozzie started. Amoxycillin for a week didn't help. Just now been given a course of Doxycycline. Will let you know. Visit to dentist also booked.

  • How did it go?

  • I suffered terribly with sinus infections for years. I always had a bad taste in my mouth and everything smelt funny. I was prescribed nystan liquid to remove a yeast infection in my mouth which was a result of the sinus and antibiotic treatments. I was given antibiotics and nystan at least 4 times a year and never really go it cleared. Two years ago when I was attending the eye clinic for thyroid eye disease they said that my sinus's were inflamed after an MRI and gave me 4 weeks worth of both antibiotics and nystan but the lovely doctor told me to load myself up with pre and probiotics and to continue with probiotics as he believed sinus infections are a result of gut issues. I haven't had another sinus infection since and still taking the probiotics.

  • What pre and pro did you take? I understand that many commercial products are next to useless, those in the main supermarkets. Could you give me a name? I get this problem too.

  • I use Bimuno Prebiotic sachets which I find works best for me. Not everyday but I know when I have not been eating clean. I also use Bimuno probiotics but do switch every three months to Healthspan's superpro as I read that the stomach get used or can over populate with one type of strain and that is not always good. Both Bimuno's can be purchased from either Amazon or was on 3 for 2 at Boots.

    If you are getting the mouth infection, I strongly suggest you stay away from all sugar and use Nystain liquid which you can either get on prescription or buy from some pharmacies, happy to give you a link. Like all fungal infections, it takes time to get rid off and as does the sinus problem but worth the effort.

  • I got terrible blocked sinus last January, was at my wits end.. Couldn't breathe without snoring, coulnt taste and it smells horrid...... Tried all sorts... Even steam which sets off the asthma. :-(. Eventually cleared it when I got a sryinge.... Just the filler part, not the needle, I filled it with warm water and aimed it up my nose.....

    It flooded the sinuses and hurt like hell... A really sharp headachy pain. Which soon went.... Then within an hour, I could actually blow my nose and clear it. Both sides were blocked so I had to do it both sides. I did it a couple of times a day and got better after a few days..... I had had the infection for several weeks and was desperate.

    I am a bit of a wuss, but would have no hesitation doing it again......


  • Hi Galathea - its a bit risky just squirting water up your nose lol...actually you need it to be salt water to keep it from hurting. I'm now a proud owner of a battery operated sinus pump and use proper sinus salt. You feel so clean after a wash out.

  • Ah, forgot about the salt. I don't recall using salt but it makes sense. Why is it risky? Was so blocked there was no chance of me drowning. ...


  • Ordinary tap water can contain ameoba that can pass through to your brain via the sinuses. One threat, among many, is meningitis, which can kill the host. You are very lucky that you did not contract the disease. If using water it should have been boiled first. Then add salt to further kill any remaining bacteria in the water as well as what is in your sinuses. Saline also helps the moisture to absorb into the sinus tissue more effectively, thus making you more comfortable for a longer period of time between irrigations. Hope that answers the question. :)

  • jezebel69 - curious about your sinus pump, any chance of a link please? Thanks.

  • My doctor recommended this sort but I have stuck to the saline nasal spray form ENT surgeon recommendation and prescription. My problem is even after surgery once up it doesn't come down again for days.

  • I have used the NeilMed pump for years - its simple and effective to use. Must use the salt though

  • hi! What is the name of the sinus pump...thanks

  • Hello, what's the name of sinus pump?


    I have used this for a couple of years and find it really effective. I think I bought mine direct from NeilMed

  • You might find it a lot less painful if you used salt. The salt/water concentration to use is described on this page :

    "The NHS doesn't specifically recommend Neti pots, but says you can lubricate and rinse your nose using a saline solution using a small syringe or Neti pot.

    To make the solution, it says to mix half a teaspoon of salt in 220ml (8oz) of lukewarm water. Advice from health officials in the US recommends using sterile or water that's been boiled and allowed to cool to avoid possible contamination."

  • I was hyper (Graves) but I had loads of sinus infections. Haven't had any infections since I started on B&R. Up until then I had regular doses of antibiotics - dome worked better than others but unfortunately I can't remember what worked best. I bought a neti pot kit and I also bought a SinuRinse kit from Amazon but I noticed them on sale in the hospital pharmacy so someone in that department must have been prescribing them. I bought a cheap facial sauna from Argos and steamed my face regularly. I think sorting out my thyroid was what improved things. You've got my sympathy, it is a really miserable condition to have.

  • Thank you to everyone for all your replies and I will be looking in to finding a more holistic approach to this awful problem! Judging by some of your answers I need to steam clean my konk!! This I intend to do! I often find it's the devil you do the devil you don't with antibiotics as they can just knacker you in so many other ways. Can anyone recommend a good probiotic to get some good guys back in my system.

  • Ask your local pharmacist for a recommendation. Often, a combination capsule is needed to get you back on track.

  • This is what someone told me: "I use Bimuno Prebiotic sachets which I find works best for me. Not everyday but I know when I have not been eating clean. I also use Bimuno probiotics but do switch every three months to Healthspan's superpro as I read that the stomach get used or can over populate with one type of strain and that is not always good. Both Bimuno's can be purchased from either Amazon or was on 3 for 2 at Boots.

    If you are getting the mouth infection, I strongly suggest you stay away from all sugar and use Nystain liquid which you can either get on prescription or buy from some pharmacies, happy to give you a link. Like all fungal infections, it takes time to get rid off and as does the sinus problem but worth the effort."

  • A nurse once told me that steam really is the only way, even just a bowl of hot water and a towel.

  • I was exactly the same as you and got one of those salt water rinse kits from Boots and used it three days in a row and the sinus infection which i had had for three months was gone. Absolutely brilliant. I now use it at the slightest sign of the sinuses being blocked and it keeps problems at bay. definitely worth a try.

  • I've been using a Neti pot for the past couple of years and it works but... you have to careful about how you use it.

    First, best to use sterile water. Second, have the water at the right temperature and follow the Neti pot instructions carefully. It takes awhile to get the hang of it as sniffing warm, salt water up your nose is counter-intuitive but it does work. The first time I used the pot it really flushed out a lot of crap but you have to keep doing it, it doesn't work overnight.

  • I agree with Shambles and others who have replied to you. I used to have chronic sinusitis and no amount of antibiotics helped, not even the 'Domestos of antibiotics' as my GP then called it, when he finally prescribed a particular one as a last resort. It did nothing good - the antibiotics did nothing to combat sinusitis and only served to mess up my gut and give me Candida albicans. I stopped using any antibiotics and used a nose douche with salt sachets as described by others here initially as often as I could (4-5 times a day), which helped tremendously. I also used it when I didn't have acute sinus problems as a maintenance douche to avoid sinus infections coming. Also: look into Candida albicans - this is yeast overgrowth/fungal infection. In my case, once I got rid of Candida my sinuses cleared. Candida can move from the gut to other parts of the body and in advanced and severe cases can also affect organs such as the kidneys. Candida weakens your immune system - and the immune system starts in the gut. This concurs with the advice the doctor in the eye clinic gave you. There is a lot of information on this subject in books and also websites - I have already posted on this issue with references to websites - just click on my name and see my previous posts, see e.g. Dr. Sarah Myhill's website - just google 'Sarah Myhill Candida' and a lot of useful information will come up. Essentially you will need to take the following approach if Candida is your problem:

    a) an antifungul to kill/weaken the candida and

    b) a no-sugar diet to starve the candida &

    c) probiotics to build up you gut flora (which is central to your immune system) - start making Kefir with fresh Kefir grains.

    I hope this helps!

  • There is a chapter on treating chronic infections which lists all of the above plus a couple of other treatments in dr Haskell's Hope for Hashimoto's. A good starting point for further investigations.

  • I found NeilMed from Amazon much better than a netti pot when I had frequent sinus infections. No more - hooooray!! - since having my root canal filled tooth removed (poor dentist suffered the terrible stench). I had the most dreadful sinus infection after the extraction, finally gave up on the holistic way after 8 months, got the antibiotics and no problems since. Apart from the other thyroid ones, that is!

  • Well I've read all your comments lovely people and one thing I haven't mentioned is that I am having a dead wisdom tooth out on Wednesday. A dentist and three doctors have to,d me the two are not connected. It will be interesting if it all disappears, I will keep you posted. I was offered Ciprofloxacilin 500mg twice a day. I have heard they have bad side effects so I am between the devil and the deep blue sea. I'm inclined yo see what happens when the tooth comes out.

  • Hey daisymoo, did the wisdom tooth extraction work? I'm having a similar thing going on, fantom "taste" in my mouth, kinda dry sensation but not particularly. I know I need wisdom teeth removing but dentist have said this probably isn't the problem!

  • The phantom taste - did you find out what it was? Levothyroxine has a side effect of this. However, I am not convinced that it's just a side effect but as with others here in this thread, a sinus infection. The cleaning of sinuses is a good place to start, I believe, rather than your teeth.

  • I think it sounds as if you have polyps in your nose,my husband had the same thing,its like having a small bunch of grapes in your nostrils blocking them,my husbands had 2 operations to cut them out as unfortunately they sometimes grow back,he had previously had medication to treat them,then also salt water to treat it too,you can buy it from Boots,but I cant remember the name of its,something like steromar. he decided to have the operation as he couldn't taste or smell,best thing he ever did,hope this helps

  • Sterimar

  • hey every one my husband is the only one who notices a "stale" smell coming mostly from my nose. i mean i also have some cavities after going through pregnancy and i kept my wisdom teeth but they are just eroding away... he says its like a stale black musty dark energy thats just so terrible sickening. its so sad it makes me feel so uncomfortable when i am breastfeeding our 2 little girls like i cant hold my nose by them therefor am losing this connection time :-( i dont trust western medicine or know any natropath so i have been studying my symptoms online about 2 years. i have pain behind and in the middle of my eyes and since i was a young child this pain on the bottom of the left side of mt throat.... anyway i saw a tonsil stone and was unable to remove it for about a year until i got a blackhead popper metal stick thing and used that to scrape it out. it actually just made me rly cough when i was trying to use the tool and it came out!! so that was awesome. also ive always been rly not into sinus rinse but at dollar general i found a nasal mist spray of water baking soda and salt and no other ingredients like preservatives. i believe my condition is related to using contact solution for 15 years or something now. it has antibiotics and preservaties that r toxic and it drains into ur sinuses. i also believe this smell is related to brain cancer or some brain fungal bacterial im not sure just know i get headache around cell phones and feel headaches very often. the brain is right there connected to these infected sinuses i know i have!!!! i also know that the most high can heal this and i dont believe in the trinity it is an evil concept. the messiah yahusha was a human man gifted with the spirit of the most high. god isnt some three headed misty mystery. its just like the bible says every time- god the father and the master yahusha........... the sinus surgery just looks so HORRIBLE and i think most the synthetic medicine could be abomination before yhwh... idk the ingedients but i know they give women animal semen ingredients in the thing to induce labor and ripen her cervix. yeah!!! gross. go organic and raw is what my husband always says. limit plastics, electronics, wi fis, ultrasounds etc

    OH AND THIS IS WHAT I REALIZED AND HAVE BEEN SUCCESFULLY DOING. blow the crap out of ur nose. its been over a week know. have felt a ton of drainage and relief. still feel something stuck in there. feels big i wonder if its some fungus buried all the way into my brain. its possible!!! have been sinus misting and blowing all day not going to hard i think the tissue is delicate but u have to rly angle it multiple ways and massage it and go from deep and just rly try to feel the ENERGY YOURSELF!! TRUST WHAT U CAN FEEL FOR YOURSELF! i have felt some big chunks come out even though i guess i swallowed them i never saw them but after i felt and thought that i was blowing away again with my head tilted down to the left AND I SMELLED THE HORRIBLE BLACK SMELL FOR MYSELF FOR THE FIRST TIME. blew me away had no idea it was so bad. i think it is getting better now with the tonsil stone out and staying away from cell phone (ear is connected to the sinus) and also about 2 years ago i had ah huge completely blocked ear canal of gray black wax. eat more fresh organic raw food and juice and stay away from toxins.

    also after studying more tonight i realize a lot of post nasal drip is stuck in the back of my throat in a great way for stinking bacteria to multiply right next to my brain! so going to be doing a lot of head wayy back gragling and choking swallowing it up there. already did it with heb organic orange juice and feel WAY better. raw juice is what i need tho. also meditation like i have been meditating attacking this stuff with "bleach energy" "sunshine energy" "white energy" ok just try it people every time i do it i feel mucous loosen. show that bacteria u aint dead yet and u know something organic will kill it easy! off to gargle and huff some euclyptus oil out of the bottle :)

  • Having suffered sad, stinky sinus infections 5 times in the last 10 years, generally quack doctors fail on multiple levels only increasing my humiliation.

    The first time I was finally "cured" of it for over 6 years was when a Homoeopathic doctor put me on a 3-month series of yummy little tablets and beads to dissolve on my tongue which built up my immunity against colds & allergies...a whole new life!

    Unfortunately a few months ago it came back after the death of my Father...and I was in a foreign country to boot! Again too ashamed to go anywhere but the doctor's office, being away from my own Holistic doctor in a small town I had no choice but to go the conventional route. A round of Amoxicillin caused it to waver at first but failed. I then saw someone who gave me Homoeopathic drops but, although they helped other issues I have which helped me regain some strength, the sinus infection raged on. Once when rinsing my nasal passages with salt solution I felt the solution rush into my left ear canal. Terrified, I immediately went deaf on that more Nettie for me, only steaming with essential oils. I returned to that first doctor who instantly treated me as if I am delusional. I said, "just look in my ear please" and sure enough when she did there was visible pressure behind the drum so she gave me a round of Levofloxacin antibiotics which finally did the job after 2 of the longest months of my life:

    A new antibiotic i'd never heard of, I requested to start off with an injection. Within 2 days life resumed once again...Levofloxacin / Levaquin did the job!

  • I have had post nasal drip attacks for several years now and a severe sinus infection. I take flixonase every morning. 2 sprays up each nostril and it's worked wonders. Even helped with my sinus allergies.

  • Hi I have a blocked nose left side, it's been bothering me for a few weeks, I used beconase spray but hasn't helped, I have that same smell coming from my nose, it is so disgusting, people at work were wondering where the smell is coming from, it was me, smells so rotten, I need to get to my doctors, I'm glad I read your post, thanks I'm afraid I didn't help you but you helped me.

  • Feel so very sorry for you ... I have been suffering with a sinus infection very bad one (4 weeks ago had dental implant put in ) pain is excruciating hate to add this but a lot of Green mucus think my implant triggered it not sure yet but they put me on antibiotics make sure your doctor gives you a very strong antibiotics an x-ray of your sinus . This is what help me :

    Steam my face this towel over my head

    Hot moist Compress on my face

    Antibiotic (Levofloxacin 750mg 1 aday with food

    Ibuprofen 800mg very 8 hr with food

    Please talk to your Dr again and if he does not help find another dr

    This is very serious Wish you the best

  • Some Medos say this is an fungus infection in the sinus

  • Hi I just read your post and just recently I have had the exact same symptoms as you the bending over sideways and when blowing my nose I have a real bad odor. I will be checking into it to see what actually is happening with me. I have had blockage to my left side to my nose and I can't stand it

  • I hate Neti pots, find them difficult to use, much easier to buy simply Saline Nasal Mist, 4 ounce spray can with nozzle easy to use, much more effective than the small squeeze bottles

  • I have been plagued by repeated sinus infection and Lichen Planus in my sinuses. My ENT surgeon recommends the NeilMed Sinus wash system. It is a plastic bottle which comes with ready prepared sachets of salt. You add cooled boiled (warm)water to the bottle and add the salt. It is very easy to use and all his post op patients use it for at least 10 days. It flushes out the sinuses and keeps them free of infection. Try it! It is so soothing, you will never look back!

  • If you have any tooth in the upper mouth that seems to be in distress and then somehow that irritation goes away you should consider how long it has been since you had dental x-rays. For sure upper eye teeth and back teeth (with the longest roots) can cause massive irritation and or infection to the sinus/body from drainage from both sides even if 1 side only has the problem tooth. I have had this problem and am still dealing with it currently. I should have had that tooth fixed or removed when i knew it was acting up asap. Now 9 months later on almost 5 different antibiotics and 2 days in hospital on IV i have yet to recover.

    Next step now is MRI since x-ray and Mini-cat has yet to reveal the remaining problem when I have had this tooth removed 9 months ago. Unfortunate that I waited too long because now I still have the same offensive dead animal smell in my nose and mouth on left side where that tooth was. This just shows how terrible an oral infection can inhibit the simple act of wanting to eat, smell, talk to others, go to work (or anywhere).

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