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Blood test results, I have lots of symptoms of hypothyroidism, but doctor says within range!

Blood test results, I have lots of symptoms of hypothyroidism, but doctor says within range!

Hello, only started to research thyroid issues today following results of tests that I begged the GP for. I have high blood pressure and cholesterol and been taking Ramipril and simvastatin for one year, it never really came down and I have not felt right for at least two years. Tired, gained some weight, aching joints, feel like a lump in my throat at times, racing heart which the gp added Bisoprolol med two months ago, which has made no difference . Feel as if my body is speeding of a night when resting and getting g an anxiety feeling.

I was thinking it may be side affects of the blood pressure meds but

The attached results the Gp said may indicate that I could become hypothyroidism but at present no action as with in range.

I wonder if anyone could provide a view on this and whether I would benefit from meds or need different tests, as my symptoms are really affecting my everyday now and I want to be fully up on what I need to discuss further with Gp.

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Telecaster, your TSH is almost at the top of range and your FT4 appears low so I think your symptoms are almost certainly due to hypothyroidism. Make sure your next thyroid test is very early in the morning when TSH is highest, and fast before the test (water only) as TSH drops post-prandially. Hopefully the early testing and fasting will mean TSH is over range and you will get a diagnosis and treatment.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.

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I'm no expert, but sorry; your GP must be blind! Your TSH is at the top of the range and your T4 is certainly not optimal. Due to being symptomatic, you need treatment! In addition, you need tests for thyroid antibodies, Vit D, Vit B12, folate and ferrite (with ranges).

Other members will be able to advise more thoroughly... I'm a newbie here with these results following a starting dose of levothyroxine:

Serum TSH 1.7 miu/L (0.35-5.0) down from 2.5!

Serum free T4 12.0 pmol/L (9.0-19.0)

Serum free T3 4.2 pmol/L (2.9-6.1)

I'm also positive for antibodies, confirming autoimmune thyroiditis.


Thank you very much, really helpful,

I will request the other tests you have mentioned including free T3 which I understand is important to check. I am hoping that armed with the knowledge about test results that I can convince Gp that I need to commence treatment although Slightly worried about starting on T4 only treatment, after reading some of the posts.

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Got to admit that T4 only hasn't been a picnic for me so far. However, others on this forum have advised me that natural production of thyroxine can initially drop when starting supplementation and thus make one feel worse. It's a long journey to reach optimal levels. The dose has to be increased gradually to prevent issues.

I'm on 50mcg at present but anticipate a raise in February after my next 6-8 week blood test. It took years for my health to decline to this point, so I'm learning to be patient in the process of regaining my life. There's nothing to be scared of - T4 only might work for you.

I also have high cholesterol (8.2)... it has been raised for years despite adhering to statins until recently. My blood pressure has also been a problem since pregnancy in 2004 and I found that medications weren't helping! Was diagnosed with CFS and fibromyalgia; given antidepressants and basically told there was nothing else they could do for me... This site has helped me so much already. Good luck.

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It really makes me mad.Rather than give you simvastatin your GP should be giving you some thyroxine to bring your TSH down which at over 5 is too high especially as you are suffering hypo symptoms.

When I first went to see my Endo he told me straight away that raised cholesterol is a common symptom in patients who are hypothyroid.Statins are not the answer as I'm sure many others will agree.

Hopefully when you are optimally medicated with thyroxine both your cholesterol and blood pressure will come down.I had issues with my own GP about blood pressure as the tablets he gave me made me unwell so eventually I bought my own monitor and now keep my own records,updating their records when I visit surgery.

I'm sure you will get more people coming along to help I am only learning from my own experience......

Why are GPs burying their heads in the sand about hypothyroidism I keep asking myself?????? It's about time they untied their hands and started listening to their patients.I hope you get some thyroid treatment soon.


Your racing heart etc for no apparent reason was one of my clinical symptoms. Unfortunately the doctors I saw/listened to, never did a blood test so on, and on, and on, for about 4 years before I got a blood test through a First Aider's suggestion.

A clinical symptom of hypothyroidism is shown as High. Your TSH is above 5. Some doctors along with your other clinical symptoms might begin medication. Others, liked yours, pay no attention to the symptoms some of our members have been forced to self-medicate.

That's due to the fact the the BTA guidelines suggest we shouldn't get levothyroxine until our TSH reaches 10. Other countries medicate on the TSH alone around 3.

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Thank you for your reply and links, I'm going to request T3 and the antibody tests for an overall picture but I feel that all makes sense now including why blood pressure and cholesterol remain high.. Depending on the other results, I do think I will likely require treatment so I need to really look into what treatment I want as I understand T4only can be problematic! I basically want to be off BP meds and statins in near future.


I don't think you'd get an NHS FT3 test without your TSH falling below range.


The so-called "normal" range for TSH is misused and misinterpreted by doctors. Most people who are symptom-free have a TSH below 1.5.

What is worse is that TSH does not provide any indication of whether there is a sufficient amount of T3 (the active Thyroid hormone) at a cellular level.

So, even if the TSH and Free T4 levels are OK, it is still possible to not have enough T3 being absorbed by the body's cells and organs, resulting in Hypothyroid symptoms.

The stupid thing is that most doctors will refuse to check the Free T3 levels if the TSH and Free T4 levels are "in-range" or "normal", which is just another of the reasons why patients who have a T3 Thyroid hormone deficiency are either diagnosed with a non-Thyroid problem (e.g. depression, chronic fatigue, Fibromyalgia, even early signs of Dementia), or not diagnosed at all.


TSH over 5.0 and your GP says you are not HYPOTHYROID

Get a doctor who is worth seeing

Every symptom

Every test screams hypothyroid

High Cholesterol alone is enough

the last thing your going to need is Statins or BP meds when whats needed is correctly treating HYPOTHYROID

You need tests for

Thyroid Antibodies


Free t4

Free T3




Vit d3

All are interrelated and all results must be correct in their ranges ..........the last 4 need to be HALFWAY or your body will not even be able to utilise Levothyroxine

When treatment is working correctly

Free T4 and Free T3 must be in UPPER Quadrant of their ranges and TSH needs to be 1.0 or below

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Statins are deadly and u a t causes a raise in cholesterol.


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