Bruising, low platelet count and hair loss - are they connected??

Hi All

I had a series of blood tests done recently to coincide with my switching from Armour to T4 and T3 prescription - basciallly I wanted to base line where I was because I want to start the CT3M process, particularly to hekp with hair loss/adrenal symptoms.

One thing I noticed in my test results was a low platelet count (result was 147 and the range was 150-450 so I was just under). Doctor didnt comment on this so I guess it is because it is just below normal.

I googled results (always worrying I know!!) and it suggested a link between low platelet and bruising. I do bruise very easily and quite markedly. It also suggested link with feeling tired and hair loss - both of which I have had since I was first diagnosed with hypo thyroid - so is that hypo or low platelet causing that??

Low platelet was also linked with low B12 and hair loss. It is the hair loss that I am most concerned about.

However my B12 result was 42T and serum vit b12 514 (range 187-883) so that appears to be in range.

Am I missing something here - or is there a link? Should I aim to have a higher B12 result and take supplements?

Any help appreciated ,thankyou.

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It has been my daughter's experience that if she changes from T3 to NDT (Armour, Erfa etc.) as recommended by her private doctor her hair starts to fall out. When she reverts to T3 only, which it sounds as though you intend to do, her hair grows back. It should be noted however that in both the hair loss and the hair regrowth there is a delay of 3-6 months after the change in medication. This has happened 3 times now as her doctor tries to wean her off T3. She won't be doing it again, however.

Jane x

Hi Jane

Gosh that is really interesting - I wonder why that would be as Armour does contain T3 - maybe the pure T3 works better for her rather than the T1-5 mix in Armour ?

I was on Armour for about 5 years and it did certainly help me but the hair loss is my one frustrating, annoying symptom that has not recovered using Armour. So I am hoping the T3 regime will help that and your post is really encouraging - thankyou!


I am on t3 only 60 or 70 at bedtime and my only grump is my hair loss. I don't mind the rest of my body especially my legs but I am missing it from my head.

Jo xx

I am exactly the same Joanna, I know how you feel, its very upsetting isnt it and very frustrating to try and fix!

Gosh I wish I knew the answer to getting hair back!

I've heard that low ferritin can be one of the causes but I haven't been to the dr lately to have blood taken as I just hate going. I had my hair loss when I was on t4 but I do think that it is a bit worse now I'm on t3.... but that could be my imagination. lol at least something is working right.

Jo xx

Lizanne, I know many people who are the opposite to Jane's daughter, they lose hair on T3 and keep it on NDT!

Low ferritin can cause hair loss too, how is your ferritin?

Your platelet count is not low enough to cause bruising to be honest so I think it might not be that. 147 is hardly low, in my experience it's people with counts less than 50 or even 30 who tend to bruise (if platelets is the only reason why they bruise of course).

I think my ferriten has come up but I can find the results from my last test on that. I am also wondering if I shoudl start taking B12 again if that would make a difference? My last Vit b12 result was 514 and the range was 187-883 so I am wondering that while the result is in range maybe it would be better to be higher? Do you know anyting about B12 ? Many thanks

you can't be too high on B12 'really' so you can take a sublingual methyl B12 supplement yes.

My hair fell out in handfuls when I was on Levothyroxine and I briused easily and had nosebleeds and bleeding gums. These have resolved on Armour so maybe it just depends what suits the individual.

my hair is so minitursied now, the 3 strands left ar ecandy floss, remeber the talk on b12-- only about 15percent is active the rest is not in the tissues ,a big debate about this and editft put a blog on here from scots parliament who are looking into the b12. japan has a low est level of 550 what does say to us? all you have to do is google active b12-- info will come up.

Have you had your cortisol levels checked? I've got to have mine tested, I also have hair loss and bruise easily, I have had low platelets in the past but have no idea what they are now.

Hi Starfish - thanks for that.

Yes I keep meaning to have my cortisol levels checked, I am going to do the saliva test and see where I am at. I do think the hair loss issue while a known thyroid problem is linked very much tio adrenal issues with me.


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