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Drs appt didn't go to plan

Hi all, I mentioned last week I had an appt to see my dr and he sounded open to doing more tests but when it came to the appointment that was not the case. As my dr said about my tsh being 8 he decided now to up my dose by 25mg but said we will not test my thyroid again until mid jan. He said no point in doing other tests such as magnesium etc yet as we need to just concentrate on my tsh and if I still feel tired then we will do further testing. He said we need to ensure that my symptoms of tiredness are not mood related as I do have anxiety after all. He said that the labs we use don't recognise t3 and that they only use tsh. I felt really deflated as on the phone he had talked about maybe getting to see an endo too. I also told him at my audiology appt that my hearing is fine but that my right eardrum is not moving as much as it should and that I will need to be referred to ent to which he said oh il wait and see what term they use first before referring you. However I did get an appointment for cbt cognitive behavioural therapy) so atleast it wasnt a total waste of time.

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shall i go back to the practise and say look I think more should be done instead or waiting and seeing and then ivestigate or should I just wait?


I am sorry your appointment didn't go to plan.

What is your actual dose now? If you have been underactive for 4 years your TSH should be much less than 8, preferably below 1 but some GP's are content to have your TSH within the normal range. and ignore clinical symptoms. It is usual to re-check after 6 weeks if you've been given a new dose.

Do you also have a copy of your latest blood test results complete with ranges and post them here.


Hi shaw my actual dose now is 125mg but I have only probably been within range or at the same dose for over a year the rest of the time my tsh has been unstable. I did have a copy and posted it on here so I shall find that again.


On 9th November tsh serum was 8.65 (0.30-5.50)

19th september

serum free t4 14.7 (12-22)

tsh 5.67 (0.30-5.50)

Back in 2011 I had plasma random glucose level which was within normal rage (3.3-7.7)

at this time also it says that "will be filed as 43g5 thyroid auto antibodies consistant with adequate replacement.

Tsh 2.41 (0.30-5.50)

Thyroid clinical details filed as 41

serum ferritin 50.0 ml (11-307)

mchc 31.8 (llow) (32-36)

neutrophil count 7.6 (high) (2.0-7.5)


I'm sorry it didn't go the way you wanted but the good thing is that he wants to get your thyroid sorted out and is testing 6 weeks after your increase, which is what should happen. Perhaps he is hoping that once your TSH is down that you will start to feel better.

Do keep pushing though. If your TSH hasn't come down enough, do insists on another increase and once your TSH is nice an low, if you still have symptoms then push for other tests.

It is very frustrating sometimes, especially when you hear about all the horror stories of other GPs. Don't give up with him yet. He may just be following the procedures and guidelines set out by the PCT or the practise.

I wish you all the best and hope that your GP listens to your concerns if your symptoms are still there once your TSH has decreased.

You may even find that some of your anxiety is caused by your thyroid. It is quite a common symptoms, but learning to manage it through CBT is a good thing too.

Carolyn x


Thank you Carolyn, I think because I was expecting to have the tests booked there and then I felt I had not pushed enough. Your right though he did increase my dose which in itself can be a huge thing. Lets see how things


I would see how you get on with your increase and how your next blood test results come out unfortunately its all a waiting game with hormone replacement as they are slow acting. at least you have some progress as he put your levo up.

good luck.


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