Help Please. Endo appointment didn't go to plan,

Appointment at Royal Cornwall Hospital today. Arrived on time but had to wait an hour to be seen by the registrar. There was no apology for the long wait and she jumped on me strait away as my TSH is suppressed,(0.088 in October.) she wants to reduce my T4. So I ask how do I get well? She asks what symptoms I have and I try to answer. Low basal temp. feeling cold,hair loss gluten intolerance. I din't get any further. These symptoms are not thyroid related according to the registrar.

So where do I go from here? Do I ask to have a consultation with the real endo man? Do I complain? Or do I ask to be referred to Devon?

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  • You ask for another appt but with the top man (or women) himself. Seeing an "understudy" in my view is never good news and is always a second class service.

    I have been seeing a consultant endo for almost a year now but the last time I went I saw his understudy and found the whole exerience an utter shambles, if it wasn't so serious it would have been funny as I ended up having an argument with her, walking out, but not before telling her she didn't know her thyroid from her elbow, and refusing to see her again.

    So if I were you I wouldn't right off this hospital until you have seen the top man and if he is no good then I would ask for a refferal to someone different.

    Was you expecting to see the top man and then got lumbered with someone else or did you know you were seeing someone different from the start?

    Moggie x

  • Thanks Moggie,I nearly did walk out obviously not much difference in a thyroid or an elbow. I had rang and told I would see her,that I couldn't see the top man on a Thursday,the day they gave me an appointment for!!!

  • Hi Before any NHS appointment, phone secretary and check consultant actually there. If so say you want to see him, or go another day. When arrive keep saying, you want to see the consultant . As Moggie suggests. Also remember if not happy have a new Endo, referral, at a different hospital. However, do your own research before asking for a referral from the GP.Be sure to see one who tests and tests for Free T3 with the T4.

    Best wishes,


  • Thanks Jackie, I did look at the NHS website last night,for Cornwall they only list one consultant and for Devon none!!. When I rang to check my appointment (after the last time,being told "he" was on holiday,??) I was told "he" has a registrar for a year,as part of their training. I think the training is in being obnoxious. I shall phone today to see if I can get another appointment if not I shall kick up and bad mouth them on the NHS web site. (mind if Devon have no one that might be a bad move.)

  • Depending on what response you get when you phone ask how their formal complaint proceedure works, that one normal does the trick - you are entitled to see a consultant, and not just a trainee, and shouldn't have to settle for less.

    After my argument there is now a note on my records that I am only to see the main man - whether this will happen I dont know but I think I will just refuse to see anyone else in future.

    I think the thing that made me really mad with that last useless endo was that I had had tests for Paget's done and, even though my mum, two of her siblings, her mum and her nan (and there the one's I know about) all had, or have, Paget's that stupid endo decided to tell me that there was not a genetic link and that it was - wait for it - A VIRUS - spoke to a Pagets nurse after and she said 83% of pagets is genetic!!!!

    They really should not be allowed to let people like the endo you so and the last one I saw loose on the public. They should have a proper endo in the room as well checking that what they are saying and doing is right.

    Rant over and good luck with booking another appt, let us know how you get on wont you.

    Moggie x

  • Thanks Moggie,I shall take your advice. Guess what,according to this trainee,all my symptoms are a virus nothing to do with thyroid!!!x

  • Must be a standard answer they are taught when they haven't got a clue. Makes you mad doesn't it that we are having to put up with such a second rate service (well that's if you are prepared to put up with it and not chuck a major hissy fit in I'm not proud of it but my hissy fit was so major that they refused to let me drive home until I had calmed (I put it down to my red

    Moggie x

  • love you Moggie.x

  • Cant say the same for the endo as she had to come out to reception and try to calm things down - that's when I told her she didn't know her thyroid from her knee cap (or was it elbow - no I think it was kneecap but whichever she got the jist of what I was

    Trouble is when my temper really lets loose like that I can be ill for a few days after (adrenal????)

    Moggie x

  • Oh Moggie,you'r a star. I have just rang the dept. On answer-phone,"we will get back to you in TWO WORKING days." so no one there today. Rang the secretary's number and got the same message. SO no one working in Royal Cornwall today..Hope everyone's knee caps are ok. Sent email,will wait but not holding my breath all week-end.xx

  • I would try again later as you should know by now that people who work for the NHS dont start until 10

    Moggie x

  • Thanks Moggie,I never thought of the Ten 'till Four brigade.

  • NHS and council workers - never before 10 or after

    Moggie x

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