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PRAISE for my Doctor!

Some of you may know that as part of a long ongoing process of getting better medication ,I saw a new Dr and had a whole load of blood tests which didn't show an awful lot, and they only tested my thyroid for TSH and T4.

I saw my new lovely Dr again last week, armed with the Dr Toft article and a few other things that I gave him to read, and he told me he will reorder the test ( am having it on Wednesday) and DEMAND the full thyroid test including T3 - he said that he did ask for it but they didn't do it.

He admitted he wasn't up to speed on thyroid issues, so said he will MAKE SURE I see an endo (even though my last Dr said they wouldn't see me whilst my results were 'in range') . I didn't even start on the possibility of T3 as he said that it looked as if T3 was an option if I am not improving. Of course, we need the TSH, T4 AND T3 to determine this....

Basically he was really, really lovely and helpful .

There be hope!!!!! Updates as they arise!!!

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Well done, what a consultation. you must feel like you are walking on air. Clone that man 😉


Cal1971, Now that sounds like the GP/Patient partnership I've heard about :) Your GP may need to ring the lab to persuade them to test FT3 if TSH isn't suppressed <0.03.


I also have a sympathetic but not knowledgable GP about thyroid issues, I asked for T3 blood test this week. She rang the lab who couldn't even give her an answer straight away. She later ascertained that only a Consultant can request this test. I live in Wrexham there is only one main Endocronologist whom I previously saw who was unsympathetic of my symptoms it was a compete waste of time & I had to wait about 6 months to see him. So as usual I'm going to have to pay privately. Do other people in Wales have the same problem. I asked my pharmacist last night & she said she knew of no one whom is on T3!


Madvicky, this is an old thread and your question won't be seen by many, you'd be better asking on a new thread of your own.




Make sure the blood test firm says ?. Central /2ndary hypothyroid because NhS labs will not do T3 otherwise


There really is hope!


What a rare breed of GP!! Like his honesty and willingness. 😊😊


Test done, results Friday. The nurse and I looked at the test request which said T4 and / or T3, which is what happened last time, so we crossed off the OR and underlined AND :)


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