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Antidepressants and your thyroid condition/ medication

I’m suffering from depression and am struggling with my thyroid medication in that the only one that has worked for me is Nature Thyroid and I can’t get hold of any. I was on it for just under three months before the global shortage. I’ve tried Armour, Erfa and synthetic T3 and T4 and all gave me horrendous side-effects. I’m now having my adrenals tested but that’s taking ages and I’m getting desperate as I can’t go on feeling the way I feel. My Doctor has prescribed prozac but I’ve been too scared to take it incase it interferes with my thyroid function and makes things worse, as this happened before when I was taking a low dose of amitriptyline and citalopram. (I think they caused my thyroid contition to worsten). I’ve been hoping I could get some more Nature Thyroid and it would sure all my problems but now I’m not so sure.

Does anyone know if it is advisable to take antidepressants if you have an untreated underactive thyroid? (In my case I’m not converting T4 to T3 properly). And if so, which are the best ones? Any advice much appreciated!

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Hi Charlie, I do hope your doctor sorts your medication out for you soon. I went through such a bad time 2 years ago and was prescibed prozac 'diazepan' and also antidepressants for few months with no side effects whilst taking my thyroid medcation - Levothyroixine. Fortunately began to gradually feel better, and the panic attacks became less frequent. I gradually decreased the prozac myself, mainly used at night (even sometimes now I take half tablet) as was not sleeping! the antidepressants began to make a difference after about 4-5 weeks, but everyone is different. There is light at the end of the tunnel, it just seems, at the time, it will always be like this. It helped me greatly by reading books & searching the internet on these awful conditions & realising I was not the only one. Take care.


Hi Julia

That's very helpful, thank you very much. I too have found searching on the internet hugely helpful. I think the info that can be found on the internet musn't be underestimated.

I'm glad you feel better; it's useful to know how long it took for you to feel the effects as I was speaking to a friend last night who said it took her two weeks; as you say, everyone is different. I think I need to start taking something as soon as possible though as I'm just not coping any more and can't see a way out. Thank you once again and take care.


Charlie I feel for you. Which medication are you taking now?

I was seriously depressed for a while whilst trying different thyroid medications and I just knew that anti-depressants were the not the answer as in my opinion I needed to treat the cause rather than they symptom.

I took 5htp which is a natural anti-depressant and felt that it helped. Google 5htp and have a read about it.

There are some anti-depressants that us hypo's should avoid as it can make things worse but I don't know which ones they are.

I really hope that you will be able to get hold of naturethroid soon. Did you GP prescribe it? or were you having to buy it?

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Hi Suze

I'm not taking any medication at all at the moment unfortunately. I've been seeing a private endocrinologist (thank you work for Bupa cover!) so have to pay for my prescriptions.

I felt the same in that I know that an underactive thyroid causes depression but it looks like it will be a while before I can get back on any thyroid treatment. I have a lot going on in my life at the moment that is causing me a huge amount of stress and I feel I’m now at the stage where antidepressants are my only option until I can get hold of any more Nature Thyroid as I’m just not myself at all and everyone is wondering what on the earth is going on with me. I’ve already had two weeks off of work here and there because of it and I can’t afford to take any more sick time. I’m currently waiting to hear back from my Endocrinologist to find out about some saliva tests for my adrenals (hopefully I’ll know tomorrow) but in any case it’s going to be a while before I’m able to go back on any thyroid medication.

Thank you for the info on 5htp, I’ll look into that. I’ve just spoken to my Endocrinologist’s secretary and she’s going to speak to him tomorrow about whether or not he would advise me to take antidepressants or not, so we’ll see!

Thank you for all your advice and take care.


Hi Charlie,

Some good news - I was told this morning that Nature-Throid 2 grain is now available so it shouldn't be too long before it's in the pharmacies here.

As for Prozac - I have found this paper - - although it's a bit confusing!

There is nothing that I can see on the Patient Information Leaflet that I found. Have you read the one in the box?


Hi Lynn

Ah, that is great news about NatureThroid, thank you!

Thank you also for the link, that's very interesting - I've saved it as a favourite and may take it to my Endocrinologist. I haven't actually picked up the prozac yet, so am not sure what the patient leaflet in the box says. I'm waiting to see what my Endocrinologist advises on the use of antidepressants and will then take action!


How come you aren't taking Levothyroxine? It's very good and much better than all these natural preparations


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