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Help Please With Results from Genova Diagnostics & Adrenal Stress Profile


Can anybody please explain what my results mean from Genova Diagnostics - Comprehensive Adrenal Stress Profile (Saliva): The only medication I take is 125 mg of Goldshield Levothyroxine for my hypothyroidism and I do not take any vitamin supplements.

The results:

Cortisol Level Post awakening: 0.5 Low

Sample 2 (+4-5 hours) 14.4 High

Sample 3 (+4-5 hours) 0.7 Low

Sample 4 (Prior sleep) 2.0 Normal

Total Daily Cortisol 17.6 Low

DHEA Levels

Sample 2 (am) 1.43 Normal

Sample 3 (pm) 1.21Normal

DHEA Mean 1.32 Normal

DHEA: Cortisol Ratio 7.50 High

Adrenal Stress Stage

Adrenal Fatigue - Non adapted response. This generally indicates falling levels of both cortisol & DHEA from excessive stimulation/secretion over long periods of time. It can also reflect the effects of exogenous use of DHEA in adrenal exhaustion states after several months of DHEA supplementation.

Secretory IgA Result: 217.5 inside green box: (Normal Range 118-641) - (Optimal Range 130-471)

I appreciate any help as it is rather confusing and if I’m going to approach my GP I need to know what I’m talking about (for once)!

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Hi cherrybaby,

This link might help you understand the results: 'The Physiological Effects of Stress on the Body'


Thank you that is a great help.


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