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thrush in throat

Hi I am being treated for oral thrush has anyone had this problem ? I also just found out that I should not take any food with calcium for 2 hours after taking my throxin I have had dry mouth and dry eyes I was told I had sojgrens syndrom After seeing a Rhemy she is not sure even thou I had a positive Lip Bio I was wondering could the Lip Bio be positeve because of a Autoimmune thyroid I had a positive ANA is this test anything to do with thyroid

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i take my thyroxene first thing in the morning and then have a cup of tea about an hour later (am not sane without my first cup of tea) i cant drink tea without milk and there is no way i could wait 2 hours .......I am being treated for a bad toe nail infection which my doctor says was not helped by my being hypothyroid.


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