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How to get a doctor to treat me?


I have a under active thyroid and B12.

my doctor won't put me on b12 and any thyroid medercation. I have all symptoms. At frist I thought it was a Thyroid problem because it both strong on both side of my family. I got a privert blood test that show my That my THS is 1.05 and My Tf4 and T3 conferting very low. the doctor still won't do any thing for me. my symptoms have got worse. they test my B12 which came back as 292.

I'm see a privert doctor to get sort out who thinks I should be on B12. the only problem is were do I go to get my thyroid problem sorted out?

i would of gone to Dr skinner but he only take ref from Gp which is a pain.

I see a few gp at my surgeries but they just keeps say my test are normal. if I say any think of dr skinner they hit the roof?

Please help me? x

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hi amyb, i've just joined this magic site. just a warning take someone with you too all your appts as proff. as i handed in a letter of complaint to my doctor for the necglect of my thyroid. which has with me with inability to feed or look after myself.the gp got me charged! yess charged me. so please be carfulll & always take some one with you. i know intellectually what i need to do however cannot implement anything means i just starve till my flatmate comes home. god luck! we need it. ally


My B12 was the same as yours and is now around 1200 after taking sublingual B12.

What were your Free T3/4 results?

Unfortunately it is the GMC that insist that Dr Skinner cannot see a patient without a doc's referral. You can see a private gp to get a referral but this is all going to be costly.

What are your symptoms?


I had my blood done there thyroid uk and my tf4 and t3 came back very out of rang and they won't take a note of the blood test. Lyn from thyroid uk has been very helpful. I got my b12 sorted it just the thyroid now.



My GP had no problem giving me a referral letter for Dr Skinner. He also took up-to-date blood tests which I sent to Dr. Skinner with the referral letter. I told my GP I wanted Dr S advice on how best to manage my thyroid.

Your GP may be happy to do the same for you.


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