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How to get a referral?


I'm new here and was recently (2 weeks ago) given my antibody etc test results over the phone by a trainee GP and am currently waiting to see my usual GP face to face in a couple of weeks to discuss them. Results were antibodies over 1000, TSH 9, T4 11. I didn't ask for the ranges over the phone but will do so at my appointment. I will also ask for thyroid medication. I don't think there will be a problem getting levo which I'm happy to try out. Until a couple of weeks ago I had no idea my there was a problem with my thyroid although I've had symptoms for 5-10 years which are slowly getting worse.

I have researched Hashimoto's in depth, gone 100% gluten free and have started supplementing with selenium, vit E, D3, B12, iron, folate, vit C, omega 3&6 and magnesium at various times of the day. Already I feel a lot better- much less joint pain and fewer mood swings.

However I would like to get a referral to The London Hospital of Integrated Medicine (NHS) to work with a specialist on my journey to better health. I also suspect I may have nodules or a goiter. As I haven't seen my GP face to face yet, this is only a suspicion. It may be the worry I've experienced over the test results causing a strange feeling on one side of my throat when I swallow and a hoarse voice sometimes.

Does anyone know the best way to persuade my GP that a referral to the above (NHS) hospital is justified? Should I keep quiet about my diet and supplement changes and the improvement they have created? I'm willing to devote time & energy travelling to London for appointments if I can find someone who is more interested in finding the root cause of my Hashi's rather than just treating the symptoms of being hypo.

Advice on how to secure a referral would be very much appreciated- thank you.

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Hi Kipsy

Welcome to the forum. Its good that you've been reading up on hashimotos which it sounds like that is about to be your diagnosis for which the starting treatment is usually levothyroxine which gets increased every 6- 8 weeks until your symptoms subside, this is the route i followed and i too have hashimotos.

I have often wondered what the route cause of my hashi's is but i dont know and neither does my GP. I dont want to burst your bubble but in my experience with the NHS i expect they will want to trial you on levothyroxine and see if that helps you rather than trying to find out how it happened, therefore you will probably have to pay yourself to see a private endocrinologist or other specialist so whilst i agree prevention is better than cure sadly there just isnt the budget to do this on the NHS as far as i am aware.

I was diagnosed in 2012 and am still learning mostly from this wonderful website about nutrition, supplements etc and finding out myself what works/doesnt work. Oh...just noticed your comment about possible goiter..this might get you a referal to an endocrinologist or a ultrasound scan but i dont have much knowledge of this myself so hopefully someone else will be along soon to help you.


Thank you very much Ic1973. Much appreciated.


When supplementing selenium please make sure you get your selenium tested as well as your other vitamins from now on as it's possible to go into toxicity levels with selenium, which would make matters worse. This is the same with vit D but likely your doctor is already testing that. (Sorry I don't have any referral advice).

Acute Selenium Toxicity Associated With a Dietary Supplement:


Thank you dang. I've read the article you attached. I'm only taking 200mg of selenium at present but it's good to know how careful you need to be. I'm wondering whethe to use a nutritionist if I can't get a referral to the Integrated Hospital so that I don't do more harm than good!


You're welcome! Yea the article is outlining some specific cases where people accidentally took too much selenium, it's unlikely to happen to you, but it's good to know the symptoms just in case. And just like any supplement that has a toxicity point it's a good idea to keep an eye on it from time to time.

I wouldn't know about nutritionists, I'm not from the UK. I did find a Naturopathic Doctor in Canada who was able to help me through supplementation and nutrition, he's specialized in Hashimoto's. If you're able to find someone with credentials it could be worth a shot trying them, but be careful many nutritionists don't know what they're doing especially when it comes to hypothyroid patients or those with auto-immune conditions. Always best to do your own research and never put all your faith in any healer/doctor.


firstly welcome to this site that has been so invaluable to myself and my lady , secondly all you need to do is contact your gp and state that you ''wish to a free choice referral'' -- and then give YOUR choice of hospital -- your gp then will have to send the paperwork to you with 3 hospitals to MAKE THE APPOINTMENT DIRECT BY YOURSELF ...... which is then your choice ........ my own experience has been with barts [ but in the same group dept. as lond. ] and all within work at both at different days/times , but just make certain that they , you , and your gp all work from the same songsheet ----- we always have a full [ tsh,t3,t4,ferretin,follate ,vitd full blood count etc. ] blood test carried out a week before appointment [ with results and ranges ] to hand at the appointment has always worked for us and hope it may be of help to you ......alan


Thank you so much, Alan -that's very encouraging. Does your GP happily test all those things or do you personally have to arrange them privately e.g. Through Medichecks?


Hi Kipsy

I'm glad Alan has replied to you which does sound hopeful and contradicts my reserved answer!! You'll have to let us know if you do get a referral to the hospital of your choice and if so how it went.

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Thank you! Will do.


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