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wildly fluctuating thyroid

I just had my second batch of test results since being diagnosed as hypo and my TSH is back within normal range. My first test 3 weeks ago showed TSH levels of 6.54 now it is back down to 2.57. The weird thing is I haven't taken any medication at all. So this is my own natural thyroid going wildly up and down. I've been feeling better in the last few days but today the terrible exhaustion hit again and I had to retire to bed. Does anybody else have a thyroid that fluctuates this much? Is this a sign that my thyroid will recover it's normal function over time? My GP said to not bother with taking thyroxin but to come back in 8 weeks to see how things are going. I'm happy to do this as I don't want to take unnecessary medicine. He was a little concerned as my cortisol levels are higher than the lab guidelines at 643. He phoned the lab and they said not to worry as cortisol levels fluctuate throughout the day.

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Hi, TSH fluctuates throughout the day and so does cortisol. Cortisol testing should be done around 8 or 9am as this is when cortisol should be at its highest level and all the tests use that range.

Cortisol can be high due to constant stress and being ill can cause that so some stress relieving exercises may help things.

Sometimes thyroid levels can swing with Hashimoto's Disease and then eventually calm down to a steady level.

Some medications can interfere with the thyroid and some foods too.


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