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Advice re taking vitamins

First of all I would like to say how helpful this support group is - thank you to all who take part. It can be such a confusing and lonely place when one is diagnosed with thyroid problems and esp when it goes out of kilter, so its great to have this sort of real support and information.

Now for my question - please can you advise on the dose/brand of Vit C and B12 that people find useful to support their condition.



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I'm cautious when it comes to supplements, partly because I tend to get adverse reactions to lots of things since I've had thyroid problems. So I would suggest starting cautiously if you're looking to take things you haven't taken before. Start with just one of your chosen supplements for a few days to see how your body tolerates it. If all is well, you can add in the next one.

I have tried the big doses of Vitamin C that many people rave about, but can't tolerate more than about 200mg. I find the cheap supermarket own brands of Vitamin C with Zinc to be useful (100mg Vitamin C plus 15mg Zinc).

I understand that the Methylcobalamin version of B12 is better than the Cyanocobalamin, but can't recall why now! I take a 500mcg dose of Methylcobalamin once or twice a week.

I also find a daily dose of 50mg Vitamin B6 to be helpful. If you're not familiar with this one, here's a link to start you off on your research

Hope this helps - maybe someone else will jump in with their thoughts.


Thank you RedApple



Hi Alli,

I have been taking Methyl B12 1000mcgs sublingually for about a month now and although it is hard to say what if any help they are, I have not had any apparent side effects.

I was told that sublingual is better than swallowing into the stomach as if stomach acids interfere and absorbtion is poor then you would get no benefit.

If you Google Methyl B12 it will come up with places to buy adn you can read the info on the individual sites.

Hope this helps.



Thank you Stacey



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