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Dr Sarah Myhill's book

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For anybody with hypothyroidism you might like to listen to this. Dr. Sarah Myhill is being interviewed on YouTube.


I found it very helpful so I've also just ordered her book:

Fix Your Thyroid, Because Your Doctor Won’t! - Dr. Sarah Myhill

Onwards and upwards I say! 😏

34 Replies
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Ooooo brilliant thank you sunbee 😀👍

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HopefulMe23 Trina64

I've tagged some in people in - please share to anyone you think of - really good.

Thank you   sunbee

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good shout, I’ll enjoy watching this. The book is fascinating, such a different approach to the conventional treatment. I’ve had to be more open minded which can only be a good thing 🌱

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This was fascinating. I know she is well respected. Anyone like to comment on her advice re: iodine again? We see this discussed on the forum and I was left with the impression that supplementing with iodine was a No No. However I am falling over myself to try pregnolene. I could be spelling that wrongly! I will have to listen again, there was so much in it. “Glandulars”? I have seen them discussed on the forum but not really explained - lots of people in the know (but not me). Her enthusiasm and confidence was infectious.

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Eeyore100 in reply to arTistapple

She does have a very straight forward, self help approach, I've taken bits from it that are working for me, adrenal glandular are certainly making a difference as is CoQ10.

I skip the ketosis diet bit (t-shirt in the bottom drawer)

(I would suggest you take a look at CoQ10 as this is good for heart health)

The glandular's she refers to are adrenal (Adrenavive etc) and thyroid (NDT, Metavive etc...) as she advises trying the full spectrum of treatments to find what works for you rather than the restricted offerings from an NHS GP or Endo

I'm not too sure about Pregnenolone as it is a precursor to hormones in general so adding it in you don't know what it might become... possibly what you need possibly more of what you don't 🙄

She is inspiring as she really gives you the confidence to experiment and find your own optimal route.... straight talker, no silly hype 👏👏

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arTistapple in reply to Eeyore100

Yes I kind of feel I will be starting from scratch after this.

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1tuppence in reply to Eeyore100

Hi Eeyore100. Could you say more re the benefits you've found by taking adrenal glandular please? Is it of benefit for anxiety? Thnku.

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Eeyore100 in reply to 1tuppence

I've only really struggled with anxiety when my estrogen levels were low... I've found the adrenal glandular has stopped the daily drop in temperature which occurs when my cortisol levels drop off and taken care of the odd internal trembling sensation... win, win so far 💃

Edit... I also found that I was able to stay awake past 10pm and deal with the odd parish council meeting where they are trying to foist pavements and streetlights on our hamlet! Even got up and spoke which is so not my jam! Woke at 3am (milkman 🙄) clear headed and penned my response to their plans!! Something like this would previously have left me a gibbering wreck.... would that be classed as anxiety? 🤷‍♀️

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1tuppence in reply to Eeyore100

Thank you Eeyore...... you managed to make me smile :-) with your parish council story. Good for you! Hope you manage to stop the lights & pavements in your little hamlet. Gibbering wreck? could be classed as "standing up to speak in front of others anxiety"..... guess most of us have experienced that. Brilliant you were well prepared to speak..

I think I need to make a new Post. Despite my thyroxine, I'm struggling with inner cold as well as anxiety.

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Mazes in reply to arTistapple

Hi, bit late to this thread, but thought I’d just share my pregnenolone experience in case it helps.

I started on 50mg capsules as recommended by Dr M and Dr P, but had a really strong reaction. After some experimentation, I now use the cream and take around 20mg a day.

It’s been amazing for my menopause symptoms and I also think for my ability to think in a straight line!

The way I see it (hopefully) working, is that my body uses it to fill up any empty hormone pots that there are without overfilling the already full ones - but I’ve no idea how it actually works :)

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I think there’s a lot to take away from this interview, whichever treatment regime we are on. I especially love the section on ranges (no surprise there) - it's so beautifully elucidated, the problem we have with how doctors ‘interpret’ blood tests - if you can even call it that. Her approach is on point. Superb reasoning, clearly laid out.

My only question is how can we stream this into every doctor’s surgery on continuous loop, because the diagnostic approach Dr Myhill uses would benefit many other conditions. Felt somewhat inspired!

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OMG, I want to marry this woman. Or ask the Pope to canonize her. What a find. Thanks so much sunbee

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@Charlie-Farlie. Yes and her self monitoring info was empowering too. However this is never going to become standard NHS behaviour (in my lifetime). I dread more and more the banality of contact with the NHS. I am reminded with no doubt whatsoever, just why I gave up on the NHS twenty years ago. I think I had a period before that too! I understand the ‘emergency’ treatment of A&E methodology but the chronic condition treatment is lousy, primitive and for all its testing, so out of touch with patients. It’s really not capable of helping patients who are willing to help themselves - which is ironic. It could do so much better.

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Charlie-FarleyAdministrator in reply to arTistapple

The cost to the nation of leaving people unwell to develop co-morbidities and loss of productivity is far greater than the cost of adequately treating in the first place, let alone the human cost which is of no interest to them on high. I firmly believe the argument will be won purely on financial necessity - nothing more. We need to try to quantify the cost of poor treatment has on the GDP. We need to recruit a group of bean counters - seriously

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arTistapple in reply to Charlie-Farley

Agree entirely.

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SilverSavvy in reply to arTistapple

Could not agree more. Especially as the Govt is now keen that those over 50 stay in the workforce alongside disabled people they believe could be more tax productive. But, as usual in NHS, it's all about firefighting and not about prevention. Too stupid for words.

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tattybogle in reply to Charlie-Farley

I firmly believe the argument will be won purely on financial necessity - nothing more. We need to try to quantify the cost of poor treatment has on the GDP. We need to recruit a group of bean counters - seriously

parcel for charlie-farley......

your bean counters have arrived .


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Charlie-FarleyAdministrator in reply to tattybogle

oh my goodness! This is amazing- so important too. Hope a fair few fill it in.

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Interesting that she's rightly revered on here with real people (you!) yet suspended by the medical registration authority! Oh but she didnt follow mainstream advice on covid 19!

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Charlie-FarleyAdministrator in reply to userotc

Anyone who has stepped out of the mainstream paradigm gets hammered Google Dr Barry Durrant-Peatfield. There is no room for intelligent discussion and differing viewpoints in medicine at present.

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userotc in reply to Charlie-Farley

Sadly correct! Big pharma has it cornered!

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Charlie-FarleyAdministrator in reply to userotc

It's diabolical isn't it? It all comes down to them not being able to patent a natural product.

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FoggyThinker in reply to Charlie-Farley

His book has been the most tremendous help to me...

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Charlie-FarleyAdministrator in reply to FoggyThinker

Hubby has said he will buy it for me Bless him - he thought video was superb too

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The sad reality is that the correct medical advice was lacking during the covid pandemic and as a result many died needlessly. Brave doctors who tirelessly research a better way to tackle illnesses (e.g. thyroid) are few and far between. Unfortunately, primary health medical training is inadequate on many fronts.

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Thanks for sharing. This is fascinating. I will be looking further into this.

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Thank you so much for posting this podcast/video. Very interesting I will certainly be buying her book.

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Has anyone else found pregnenalone easy to obtain over the counter as she suggests? I’m sure I had to order from abroad and pay over the nose when I had it. Am considering it again, and would love to know if it’s now easily available.

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StitchFairy in reply to CornishChick

I don't use it but I found it here bigvits.co.uk/catalogsearch...

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CornishChick in reply to StitchFairy

thank you.

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What do people think about the iodine comments in the video? She says we need more than 150 mcu per day and this is the opposite of all other experts who say avoid it.

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radd in reply to Guineapiggy


Dr Myhills speciality is CFS and possibly hypothyroidism but not Hashimotos, although I'm sure she says somewhere in her book to be mindful of thyroid antibodies becasue if we have chronically raised thyroid antibodies taking iodine will encourage further Hashi attacks and hasten thyroid destruction.

Iodine is pulled into the thyroid follicles by the sodium iodine symporter, where it mixes with thyroglobulin. Thyroid antibodies attack the thyroid peroxidase, a thyroid gland enzyme (TPO) & thyroglobulin (TG). It you are fuelling these with iodine to create more thyroid hormone you risk also fuelling the thyroid antibodies.

Guineapiggy profile image

Thanks for your explanation. Since most primary hypothyroidism seems to be regarded as autoimmune thyroid disease, the video may encourage those people to increase their iodine intake.

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