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CFS book / thyroid / scientific paper on ME/CFS by Dr Sarah Myhill

I got a 'newsflash' email from Sarah Myhill's clinic the other day and have found it pointing to some very interesting reading so far. She's my hero and she's probably yours as well even if you don't realise it yet!

I was surprised not to see any mention of it here on the site but maybe I missed it so apologies if this is a repeat!

Brilliant 'CFS book' - everything you need to know and that your doctor probably doesn't. She includes section on CFS relation to hypothyroidism...

And other interesting links re thyroid prescriptions and a research paper on CFS/ME...

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Thanks for this akcoop - I only realised just how wonderful Dr Myhill is during the time of the last GMC debacle. I've looked at her website and she seems to be truly innovative, open and compassionate. Guess that's why she's been/is being hounded ...

We really all need to show our support to these wonderful doctors who put their necks on the line for us :-)

Linda xox


Indeed, a formidable spirit in every respect - practically a one-woman research unit!

Andy x


Dr Sarah Myhill is one of Thyroid UK's medical advisers!


Fascinating reading. Thanks for this link. Will pass it to my unfortunate friend who has this illness and gets the usual 'it's all in the mind' stuff and is told that nothing can be done for her.


Your friend with CFS may find it interesting to watch this interview with Dr Myhill from a couple of years ago. It's quite a long programme, so make sure you're comfy and have time to spare :)

Dr. Sarah Myhill is interviewed by Theo Chalmers for "On the Edge", broadcast on 20th May 2010 by "Edge Media" on the "Controversial TV" channel.


Thank you RedApple,


brilliant! We need more doctors like Dr Myhill!


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