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Have 2 doctors have been struck off for prescribing Thyroxine?

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During my visit to Professor A yesterday, he asserted that 2 doctors have been struck off the Medical Register for prescribing Thyroxine to patients with blood tests within the BTAs reference range. When i asked him who these doctors were, he could not name them but he said that one worked in York and another a lady, worked in Wales. I presume that the lady working in Wales is Dr Sarah Myhill (who has not been struck off). Can anybody let me know of any doctor who has been struck off or even who has faced disciplianary action - other than Dr Skinner.

This is important as this Endo teaches other doctors and dont want to let him get away with making incorrect statements that may influence other doctors treatment plans

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Dr Barry Durrant Peatfield??? (please delete if names are not allowed )

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Dr P resigned his registration - he was not struck off!

Dr S - also not struck off.

Dr M - also not struck off!

There is another Dr M who is now practising as a nutritionist - he MAY have been struck off, I'm not sure.



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Thanks; those are all I can think of. Dr McD is the other Dr M you are thinking of. He was struck off and is now practising as a nutritionist. I have his GMC hearing transcript.

interestingly, and thanks to Dr Sarah Myhill for getting her QC to highlight this, the GMC reviewed her case in the light of the evidence put forward by Dr S. Tom Kark, the QC who reviewed her case is the same QC who was legal council for the Mid Staffs Inquiry. He concluded that it would be very difficult to establish that no reasonable body of medical opinion would behave in the way that Dr Myhill did in relation to the suggestion of using thyroxine.

In other words it would be hard for the GMC to sanction a doctor for prescribing thyroxine to patients with lab results in the BTAs normal range. Dr Ss live case has special factors.

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I think I would ask the GMC. Can't see him accepting your word but he can't really deny a GMC answer.

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NBob in reply to helvella

Yes Rod. I have 1 FoI request in already and this will be the next. Hoping to use the marvellous resources of TUK to show he is wrong. Pity about Dr McDonogh but the good work Dr S put in means that if the hearing was held again he would probably not get struck off and more importantly neither will any other doctor. I've asked for a copy of Tom Kank's report (the FoI request) so that can be distributed - first one on the list is Prof. A.

Not good if they beginning to do this. We should be protecting the doctors that want to help maybe they will start speaking out for our cause. Hope so.

I can't imagine anyone would be struck off for prescribing thyroxine to someone within the reference range if they felt there was a clinical need and could show this. If they are striking people off for such things then something is very wrong with the system. If someone is borderline and experiencing symptoms, there is no clinical reason NOT to trial thyroxine if the doctor feels it will help. There seem to be some real bullies in high places if this sort of thing is happening. I really hope this professor is wrong!

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merissa in reply to PinkNinja

I was prescrible Eltoxine, like Carol notes, my tsh was normallllllllll but I had a trial from gp, who was instructed by a prof ( private) x

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PinkNinja in reply to merissa

That's good. That's what should happen. Unfortunately it seems that too many GPs are scared by these rumours and horror stories and so won't prescribe a trial for fear of losing their careers :( I'm glad you got your treatment though :)

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there's the rub. He was Orthodox straight down the line and told me that he cant recommend prescribing thyoxine to my GP.

The "consultation" was his opportunity to tell me how it is and I will certainly be complaining about his manner and the untrue things he said e.g. 2 doctors struck off for prescribing thyroxine

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Thanks merissa

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NBob in reply to PinkNinja

That's why Dr S hasnt been struck off. When i submitted a FoI request, she couldn't provide any evidence of this harm. I would to send this case to the GMC for the breach of Good Medical Practice paragraph that states that a doctor mustn't make unfounded criticisms of a colleague. But i have to think of the consequences for Dr S and his live case.

You can look for the recent results of GMC hearings on their website here:


I could not see anything for a keyword "thyroxine" search.

There is also a "List of Registered Medical Practitioners" link on that page, so if you have your suspicions about someone, you can check if they are active, struck off or resigned. The "Dr Barry D" mentioned above (see ADMINS, I am being good" for example, is "Not Registered - Having relinquished registration"

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Thanks efilwol

I've been there many times but now that the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service has taken over a lot of the older cases off the website

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efilwol in reply to NBob

Ah! I assumed this was something new (being struck off )

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