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Np thyroid and labs

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My ft3 is 3.3 and optimally value is 3.8

My ft4 is .99 and optimal is 1.2

I still have cold feet like crazy and sluggish afternoons

Energy is Still lacking some

I’m worried about increasing np thyroid because of the heart palpitations

I’m taking 105 of np thyroid not quite 2 grains

What does anyone think 🤔

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Have you checked your B12, iron, vit D? You need a good level of b12 for thyroid conversion. Low vit D causes fatigue and unrestorative sleep. Low iron cause fatigue, dizziness, breathlessness.

Always difficult to go on palpitations as they can occur when under AND over treated. The cold feet are a symptom of under though. Any other signs or symptoms? Have a look on Thyroid UK they have the high frequency ones listed. Another way is checking your temperature and pulse first thing as you wake. Keep a record.

Meant to say symptoms of over can include: sweating, loose stools, tremors, higher temperature, feeling wired.


I think these 'optimal' levels are a red herring. Optimal is how you feel, not a number that someone picked out of a hat. We're all different, so how can you have one so-called 'optimal' level for everyone. I think it was be fra more helpful to assess your results if you gave the entire range. Because, despite your numbers, you are obviously far from optimal at the moment. :)

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greygoosse ,I couldn't agree with you more . Serum levels are not the barometer as to how we feel . It's a very wrong assumptions to go by . Cellular (Symptoms) is what tells us how we in reality are *Feeling*. From my personal experience I can tell you that my lab results where perfect but *Not* for me . I still had many symptoms with the perfect lab results that where not resolved . The only perfect lab results for one is the one that one has *No* symptoms.


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