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Daughter's hashimotos and crushing tiredness

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Apologies for offending in my previous post.

My daughter, 31, has hashimotos. GP says TSH is normal, but she’s suffering from crushing tiredness, among other things. She can barely go to work.

Can you recommend some type of supplement to give her a boost. GP,won’t entertain T3.

Many thanks.

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I doubt you offended anyone. Your post just seems to have been missed. But, you might have got more response if you'd posted the actual numbers: results and ranges. No-one can tell you if she needs T3 without seeing those.

Is TSH all her doctor tests? He sounds like a dead loss - she probably needs a new doctor. Is she on levo?

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LFE12 in reply to greygoose

Blood results were posted as 'free T4 and TSH normal, no further action'. She can’t get an appointment for two weeks and is so crushingly tired she goes to work and then to bed.

She recently changed GP as she moved home. A more understanding GP won’t take her on as she is out of that area. She lives in Harrogate. And yes, you’re right, GP hopeless. She’s seen a number and they don’t understand.

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And yes she’s on Levo

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In the UK, are you required to go to a doctor in specific areas?

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Yes, that's correct. Because we have our National Health Service (NHS) which we pay for out of our taxes and National Insurance Contributions, then doctor/hospital visits are free at point of delivery. We have to register with a GP close to our home within their catchment area.

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I had a vague idea it was like you describe in the UK but wasn't sure, so thanks for the explanation. Good to know.

We have a sort of two-tier system in Australia. We do have some clinics where you don't pay at point of delivery (we call it bulk billing) but I don't think you could necessarily get the same doctor each time. We can go to any doctor anywhere, assuming the new doctor is taking new patients, and assuming you can pay if they don't bulk bill. I go private, so I can see the same doc each time, but the cost isn't excessive. Though my doctor used to bulk bill the kids anyway so there must be other rules. Blood tests are generally free with a few exceptions like RT3 and probably things like FT3 and FT4 in the absence of an out of range TSH or maybe other good other reason to do it. If you're in a serious accident, you go into the public system and get excellent care, so it's not a difference in quality, more a difference in convenience.

SeasideSusie In theory at least, that's not the case since the creation of the Patients Choice Scheme/out-of-area registration/GP Choice scheme as it's variously referred to, that rolled out across the country in 2015


Since 2015, all GP practices in England have been free to register new patients who live outside their practice boundary area.

This means you can register with a GP practice somewhere that's more convenient for you, such as a practice near your work or closer to your children's schools. This will give you greater choice and aims to improve the quality of access to GP services.


From 5 January 2015 all GP practices are able to register new patients who live outside the practice area without any obligation to provide home visits or services out of hours when the patient is unable to attend their registered practice. Changes made to the GP contract mean those obligations may be set aside and do not apply when the GP practice decides, at the point of registration, that it is clinically appropriate and practical to register the individual patient in this way.


Variation of contracts: registered patients from outside practice area

30.—(1) A contractor may accept onto its list of patients a person who resides outside of the contractor’s practice area.

Unless I've missed it being rescinded ....

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SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to MaisieGray

I'm sure you're right for England, I left to live in Wales 25 years ago and NHS Wales isn't always the same as NHS England. I live in a fairly rural area and the nearest alternative GP is 10 miles away with rubbish public transport so we don't really have much choice unless we have a car.

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LFE12 in reply to MaisieGray

Many thanks for this. I’ll help her action this one.

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greygoose in reply to LFE12

Those are not results, they are opinions. And, it's well-known that GPs opinions on blood test results are often wrong. What she needs to do is to ask at receptions for a print-out, because that will have the actual numbers on it. It is her legal right to have one - no ifs, no buts, and they're not allowed to ask why she wants it. She wants it because it's hers!

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LFE12 in reply to greygoose

Many thanks

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greygoose in reply to LFE12

You're welcome. :)

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VintageMustard in reply to LFE12

Does she work? If so, then she could seek out a a GP close to there. And yes, do demand a print out of the blood test results. Ask for all the tests going back a few years.

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I don't think you've offended anyone. It's probably just the fact that the forum seems to be fairly quiet this morning and there are few members about who regularly respond. I will close your other post so that all replies are kept together on this one.

The best thing she can do is as Greygoose says, ask for a print out of her results and let's have a look at them.

If all her GP has tested is TSH and Free T4 then that wont be enough. She certainly needs FT3 testing at the same time as TSH and FT4 to know how well she converts T4 to T3. But she has Hashi's and that often causes low nutrient levels or deficiencies so she also needs the following tested:

Vit D




These all need to be at optimal levels for thyroid hormone to work properly.

She probably wont be able to get all the tests done - certainly not FT3 and many doctors wont test Vit D but may be persuaded to test the others. If her GP can't do them then she would be best advised to do a private test with one of our recommended labs who do either fingerprick tests or venous blood draw at extra cost. Only when we see her nutrient levels will we be able to suggest if there are any supplements that can possibly help.

Medichecks Thyroid Check ULTRAVIT medichecks.com/thyroid-func... You can use code THYROIDUK for a 10% discount on any test not on special offer


Blue Horizon Thyroid Check PLUS ELEVEN bluehorizonmedicals.co.uk/t...

Both tests include the full thyroid and vitamin panel. They are basically the same test but with the following small differences:

For the fingerprick test, Blue Horizon requires 1 x microtainer of blood (0.8ml), Medichecks requires 2 x microtainers (total 1.6ml)

Blue Horizon includes Total T4 (can be useful but not essential). Medichecks doesn't include this test.

B12 - Blue Horizon does Serum B12. Medichecks does Active B12.

Serum B12 shows the total B12 in the blood. Active B12 shows what's available to be taken up by the cells. You can have a reasonable level of Serum B12 but a poor level of Active B12. (Personally, I would go for the Active B12 test.)

Make a new post with results and reference ranges when they are available and we can help.

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LFE12 in reply to SeasideSusie

Many thanks for this, very comprehensive. She’s open to trying anything so will action what you’ve suggested.

LFE12, I think timing is important in when you post a message. Some times of the week and day get more replies, but I'm not quite sure when is the best time to post.

Also I think people get more replies when they post a clear and simple question. Sometimes if a post is too woolly or a question too difficult not many people reply.

Your old post was actually very recent. It is worth waiting at least 24 hours to see if you get replies. Some people will come along and continue replying for two or three days, so you may still get replies even if you have nothing for a few days.

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LFE12 in reply to SilverAvocado

Many thanks

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