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Hashimotos and Gastric Band

Hi guys. I have had Hashimotos for over 20 years (actually diagnosed privately after the birth of my third child). Have struggled with feeling any sort of good all of that time and had a band fitted in 2012.

The band only worked when it slipped and I became ill and skinny. Underweight for the first time in my life. The surgeons unclipped it and left it inside me for 3 months to gain weight and become more healthy. I had lost my hair and all of my vitamin and protein/enzyme levels were dangerously low - I was not keeping anything down. Well I did put on weight - over 4 stone in the 3 months, by eating as a normal person would.

The band was then reattached and has been filled slowly but the weight loss is not now happening - in fact I am now gaining again. I know it is my Hashi's that is the root cause but the GP says my levels are "fine".

From research I know I need T3 but GP will not prescribe. I cannot stand putting on weight week after week, especially after what I have been through - I nearly died.

Can anyone assist with this please? I have heard of naturthroid and am interested but do not want to buy an inferior product over the internet.

Can someone help me with a reputable supplier please who does not require a prescription. I have added in all the recommended vitamins and minerals to my diet and feel better but need to help myself further and try the T3 & T4 together.

My cousin in the US also has Hashimotos (massive family link for me) - she is given both medications and is well and slim !!

Any help greatly appreciated, thanks.

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HI Tracyd2

Do you have your latest blood test results? These are always handy on this forum so that people can advise you to the best of their knowledge. You can call and get them over the phone but it's important to get ranges too. Are your GP's doing regular thyroid blood tests? They will usually involve TSH and FT4 test, on occasion an FT3!

I was diagnosed with Hashi's a year ago after over a year of being extremely sick. I must say the weight loss/weight gain/weight loss/weight gain over that year didn't bother me so much, I was just so unwell!

Generally they will start you on thyroxine (T4) like they did with me and see how it goes. A year on and I've started to self medicate with an addition of T3 but very early days (well, 6 days of being on it!).

From your post it seems like weight is more of an issue? Is it something that has always bothered you?

Definitely get your test results because you will need these as a starting point if you do decide to self medicate. Also, the great people of this site will give you advice on how to approach your GP so that maybe you can convince them for a trial? xx


Thank you for your prompt reply. Feeling good is more important to me than the weight gain, but my weight has always been an issue, yes.

I have seen some improvement in the way I feel from the vitamins and minerals I have been adding daily, however, I would like to do everything I can to help myself now I have woken up to this disease and its affects.

My GP have never given me results - the receptionists will only say "NORMAL". They are closed to any discussion and appear to be under informed regarding Hashimotos, so I have lost confidence in them.

Changing GP is not that easy now and I would find it hard to find another locally, if they would accept me.

I have heard from other sources that I am not alone in having a GP with a "closed" mind when it comes to this illness. I am going to try another GP at the practice and see if the results will be released to me in the first instance.

Thank you for your advice.



It is your right to have copies of your results with ranges - no need to give a reason - just for your own records is sufficient. There is a piece on the main Thyroid UK website explaining your rights.....

Good luck...


Tracy, Patients are entitled to see their test results free of charge within 40 days of the test under the Data Protection Act. Speak to the practice manager and ask to see them. If s/he refuses make subject access request.

You may want to try T4+T3 combination before trying NatureThroid or other NDT. The pig thyroid is similar to human thyroid and may exacerbate Hashi's.


Thank you for your responses. I will certainly push myself forward. Can T3 be purchased without a prescription anywhere ?


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