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Looking for a naturopathic endocrinologist in UK

Hi everyone,

My thyroid has been fluctuating between hyper and normal values for the past two years, but only had contradictory messages from the many NHS practitioners I have met so far. I haven't taken any medication yet. As other hormones are out of normal values at the moment, I would like to try a naturopathic approach, but I don't know any naturopathic endocrinologist (private or NHS based). The web does only return US-based practitioners.

Can anyone suggest any based in the UK, please? (preferably midlands, but I can drive, so also elsewhere would be good.

Website links, names, contacts, all good....

Thanks so much in advance


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Anyone who can help ChiaraT please reply by private message as we can't discuss individual doctors on the forum without their permission. Closing the post to replies so that no information is posted here.

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