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I’ve just had some bloods done which I gather are a bit early as I’ve only just had my thyroid removed 2 and half weeks ago ( for Graves) but ended up in A and E 2 days ago due to choking sensation and not feeling well all of a sudden. Anyway my question is this, should I start to think about obtaining T3 because my free T4 is now 13.1 and my free T3 is 4.1 which although in the normal range is only just scraping through. I’m on 125 mg Levothyroxine. If anyone does think so, I know it’s not on nhs but can I get a prescription from the doctor as I’ve looked and I can’t buy the T3 otherwise.

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What are the ranges for FT4 and FT3?

The given normal ranges for free T3 - 4.1 - 6.6 and mine was 4.1

The range for free T4 - 7.9-20.0 and mine was 13.1

( I hope this is what you were meaning?)

SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to Feelingtired123

Are those the ranges that came with your results, i.e. the ranges from the lab that did your test?

If so then:

FT4: 13.1 (7.9-20.0) = 43% through range

FT3: 4.1 (4.1 - 6.6) = 0% through range

Currently there doesn't seem to be any T4:T3 conversion.

You need to know TSH. All 3 should be tested at the same time.

But it may be too early to know how things are going anyway.

Yes that’s what came with the results. They only did those 2 readings, so no TSH or others. It could be as you mentioned too early as I’ve heard it’s not usually done until about 6 weeks after surgery. I guess I’m just aware after reading many posts here how T3 supplementation can really make a difference to quality of life if not converting naturally T4 to T3. I will wait and have bloods done again. But thank you I will post again with new results

You really can't accurately assess how well your dose of Levo is meeting your body's needs until you have reached what is called the steady state. Medications vary in how long it takes to clear them from the body, some are metabolized fairly quickly, while others can take a long time before they are eliminated. The half-life of a given medication is how long it takes for the body to get rid of half of the dose, and when we is take it on a regular basis, there is an ongoing process of absorption of each dose of the drug and, concurrently, an ongoing process of drug removal with the drug's metabolism and clearance. Eventually, there comes a point when the amount of drug going in is the same as the amount of drug getting taken out. That's the "steady state" and it takes somewhere between 5 and 6 half-lives for a medication to reach it; and c6 wks give or take, for Levothyroxine. Hence why testing your levels at 2 1/2 weeks from starting medicating, is too soon.

Thank you for explaning this. I really understand now. I will wait until correct time and post the results .

SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to Feelingtired123

Absolutely essential to test vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12 too

Ask GP to test now - or test privately

As you have Graves are you on strictly gluten free diet?

Many, many people with Graves or Hashimoto’s find strictly gluten free diet helps or is essential

I will ask my local surgery if I can have these done again. I did have all the tests prior to surgery and it showed low ferritin and low vit D. I’m now taking 20,000 in vit d a week ( prescribed) and Spatone. I’m also taking B12 and magnesium and zinc and vit c. It will be good to get new bloods done after taking all the supplements. I was gluten free for about 10 years and also used to teach gluten free cooking at a cookery school but sadly it didn’t seem to make any difference to me personally although I know it can have a dramatic effect on others. Thank you for your advice, I will definately ask for all the ones you mention.

In addition to magnesium, the other important co-factor of Vit D is Vit K mk 7 which helps direct calcium to bones and teeth instead of to arteries and joints.

Thank you yes I’ve just discovered this so bought some a few weeks ago. I did mention this when I got prescribed the vit d and it was met with a blank look from doctor !

It's not surprising, according to this:

I know, this is so scary. I remember years ago when I got diagnosed with Graves, I asked the doctor at the time if there was anything I could do to help myself in the way of foods and vitamins and he said no, food and nutrients had nothing to do with thyroid disssorders 😲 I feel it hasn’t really moved on from this.

Have you tried being dairy free as well, it helped me. Maybe best to wait for your 6 weeks tests and vitamins results, see what they say.

No, must say I haven’t tried yet as I make kefir for its B12 and other nutrients gut related but thats all I have dairy wise. Maybe I should try to give it up and see if it helps.

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