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Thyroid function test

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Please comment on T4. 16.9. 12-22

T3. 5. 3.1-6.8

TSH. 0.02. 0.27-4.2

Can’t really say if I am good as I’ve been affected by this for so long. However I am as good as I have ever been, thanks to all on here 🙂

Above results taking 75mcg T4

10mcg T3

As my iron level is going up, maybe I will not need T3 one day ? Would be so glad as I get from Germany, who knows what will happen after March 😬😬

Blood draw as recommended on here

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There's probably room to increase T3 to 15mcg

Do you take the 10mcg as 2 x 5mcg split dose?

Could try 3 x 5mcg - doses 8 hours apart - waking, mid afternoon and bedtime (if T3 doesn't keep you awake)

Price of UK T3 is dropping. Now £204 per 28 tablets. Down from £258

Still got a way to go to match Thybon Henning!!

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Gcart in reply to SlowDragon

Hi SD. I do take 10mcg in one go . I think I might try 5mcg extra as you suggest , adding in afternoon see if that mops up a few more symptoms. thankyou

Yes, a least UK T3 price is moving thr right way

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SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to Gcart

My endo recommends 3 doses per day

I take 20mcg T3 per day

plus 112mcg Levo (11pm for Levo)

T3 - 10mcg on waking, 5mcg 3pm and 5mcg 11pm

(8 hours between each dose)

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Gcart in reply to SlowDragon

Ok. I am just being lazy, I will give it a go though I know some certainly find a benefit when doing so. Thanks for prompt

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