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Take NDT upon rising and at bedtime?

Has anyone tried taking NDT first thing in the morning and at bedtime? To me, that seems easier to remember than taking the second dose in the afternoon as is commonly recommended (for instance on the STTM), but maybe it's not a good idea to take T3 at bedtime...? I have decided to try to multi dose Thyroid-S as I seem unable to take as much as needed in one single dose without ending up with both hyper and hypo symptoms throughout the day.

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I'm sure lots of people have. :)

It's all trial and error, you have to experiment with different timings until you find what suits you as an individual. Never mind what is recommended by STTM! For me that would be a very good reason to try something else!

I still take my ndt three times a day. As you say, first/last thing are the easiest to remember.

Completely agree with Greygoose. I used to take a bedtime dose but for me it was a small one, larger doses due to the T3 content would keep me awake. There is nothing to stop you from experimenting with splitting the doses so that some can be bigger and others smaller if that helps you.

Now my b12 deficiency has been finally properly addressed I no longer need to do this but simply take my daily dose split in two, firsthing & lunchtime.

Hope you find the perfect splitting of doSes that is right for you. Keeping a little daily log may help to reflect back on what works best for you.

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I take 40mcgs of Liothyronine at 7.45am. Nothing to eat or drink for an hour after. Then 20mcgs of Liothyronine when I get into bed, around 11pm. I sleep like a log. It works for me.

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Interesting! I take it you take synthetic T3 which I think is more fast acting than the T3 in NDT? Great to hear you found a solution that works for you!

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Liothyronine is synthetic T3.

I started off splitting my dose but tended to forget the second dose! By this time I decided that my body must be getting used to the T3 so I took it all at once on waking and at least an hour before eating etc. That works well for me.

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Good to know as that sounds most convenient!

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