when and how to take NDT?

Has anyone noticed a difference between taking NDT once a day, as compared to twice daily, or even several times daily...? I am asking because I have read so many conflicting advice...some say it's better to take it all in the morning, others say you should take it at bedtime, while some claim you should spread it out throughout the day...therefore, I'd really appreciate any advice from those of you on NDT and doing well on it, as to when and how to take it...thanks in advance!!!

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  • It may be a personal thing, so see what works for you.

    I take half a grain when I wake, with breakfast an hour later. I take another half grain mid morning and again mid afternoon.

    Because NDT contains T3 I avoid taking it late in the day as I would expect it to keep me awake, but I haven't tried it.

  • thecat346,

    The graph in the link below shows how T3 peaks in once, twice and 4-5 times daily dosing. Physiologically it may be better to split into 2-3 doses. tiredthyroid.com/blog/2015/...

  • When I started on ndt I took it in one hit first thing as per levo. I found that I was having a tiredness attack, not every day but some days, in the evening. My endo suggested splitting the dose so I now have 1 grain first thing and half/one grain around 3 ish (watching food and drink intake an hour either side - I am on alternate days dose changes). This was one of the last pieces of the jigsaw puzzle for me in terms of evening out my response.

    But, everyone is different so give it a bash for a few weeks and see how you feel

  • I take 1 grain at 5am so it's on an empty stomach then 1/2 grain at 11am, an hour or so before lunch.

  • Thanks to all of you!!! It does indeed seem wiser to split T3 in several doses throughout the day (I take NDT). I remember reading somewhere that, unlike synthetic thyroid meds, NDT does not have to be taken on an empty stomach...? Has anyone noticed if that is indeed true, or if it's better to take NDT on an empty stomach...?

  • thecat246,

    ALL thyroid meds should be taken with water on an empty stomach because it will bind with the proteins in food and drink which will reduce absorption and uptake.

  • There is one other thing I have been wondering in this context...Thyroid-S contains Eudragit, a sustained release substance. However, I don't know how this would affect absorption of active ingredients...?

  • We discussed this three months ago.


    Eudragit make numerous products - not just sustained release products.

  • Yes, I guess we'll never find out about Thyroid-S for sure...I am tempted to give Armour another try...I like Thyroid-S, but don't like the fact that nobody knows for sure exactly what it contains.

  • I recently decided to change to once a day early morning . I used to take 1 grain first thing and 1 at around 2 pm . I've for years struggled to sleep and so thought I'd give one dose a try . I'm sleeping much better and wonder if this has helped , it's possible so sticking with it for now !

  • Interesting, that just goes to show that we are all different...!

  • Hi I take one dose at 6.00 am breakfast at 7and a smaller dose before sleep. I do a very physical job and I seem okay on this (so far). With my work it is incredibly hard to avoid food before/after meds...I cannot just eat exactly when I need too so it's better for me to dose once early morning and then the smaller dose before I sleep..no problems with sleep. By the way I am on a comparatively small dose of NDT compared with some which is why I have learnt not to compare myself to others but to go by how I feel and how I cope with life day to day.

  • once a day saturate the cells and works best..according to Dr. John Lowe, who did extensive study on t3 containing meds and hypo fibromyalgia patients.

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