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TSH rise

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On 27 Nov 18 I got the following results and sent these with GP referral letter to my new private Endocrinologist I am on NDT

T4 6.6 (7.86-14.41)

TSH 3.01 (0.35-5.50)

T3 4.7 (3.70-6.00)

Along with many other blood test I thought appropriate

I went to see my new private Endocrinologist this Tuesday he didn’t comment except that he wanted bloods again that would cost £1000 snd to return in 4 weeks, so I got them done yesterday half on NHS and half private (not seen private results yet) and I have NHS results today It was a very rushed 15 minute appointment and should have been for 40 mins I was a bit upset as I had to stay overnight near the private hospital and had built up hope that he’d be able to help Now I’ve got to wait until after Christmas 😔

T4 6.7 (7.86-14.41)

TSH 7.15 (0.35-5.50)

T3 4.5 (3.7-6.0)

My B12 is 804 on loading now (150-750)

Folate is 6.1 (above 4.0)

Vit D is 88 (above 50) not supplemented

Ferritin last time was low at 15 (22-322) I am now on tablets daily I haven’t seen new results yet

I think I’m under medicated as T4 too low I feel very wobbly on my legs and rough in general with a lump type feeling in my throat now

I can’t undersrand why my new private Endocrinologist didn’t help me with my under medicated situation Does anyone know why my TSH would go higher/struggling more if the previous levels were the same basically

In March this year my T4 was 13.6 (7.86-14.42) and my TSH was 5.96(0.35-5.50) my GP increased the Levo I was in then I don’t have T3 as they wouldn’t do it when I was on Levo have I got a conversion issue???

Thank you!!

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Impossible to tell if you have a conversion problem when you are taking T3. You need to have FT4 and FT3 done at the same time on levo only to know how well you convert. But, with those results, you obviously need an increase in dose. Your TSH is very high for someone on NDT. Should be nearer suppressed.

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McPammy in reply to greygoose

Hi Greygoose,

I don’t know what’s going on!

Back in March I was on Levo.

With my T4 being 13.6 and TSH being 5.96 at that point. Without seeing my T3 at that point I can only guess it must have been too low. The GP increased my Levo my TSH came down to 1.41 but T4 went up to 15.4 (over the range). The next thing I collapsed and my TSH went right down to 0.22 within a few weeks.

Looks like too much T4 isn’t good for me. All year it’s be fluctuating. I was on Levo until July then switched to NDT to try and help. Looks like that’s not quite right either?

Any clues would be really appreciated 👍.

Thank you !!

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greygoose in reply to McPammy

The TSH really isn't that important. The most important number is the FT3, but without that, it's the FT4. You haven't given the range for the FT4 so I can't comment on that. But, your TSH going down to 0.22 has nothing to do with you collapsing. The TSH doesn't cause symptoms whether it's high or low. And it's especially not important when you're taking NDT. Although that high TSH says you're under-medicated. Either that or you're not taking it properly. How much are you taking, and how do you take it? It's certainly not going to help if you don't take enough.

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McPammy in reply to greygoose

Hi. I was only on 75mcg Levothyroxine. I’m now on 1 grain 60mg NDT for 4 months now.

The T4 range is 7.86-14.41

I was at the top of the range nearly with T4 being 13.6 and my TSH was 5.96 (0.35-5.50). In Chester they won’t do T3 unless it’s signed off by a Dr. I can only imagine my TSH was high due to T3 being low.

I have tried to take more NDT and when I did (only say a quarter more). Then my T3 went too high 6.1. My legs gave way and I could hardly walk. I don’t know how to mange this NDT. ??

I take it every morning at 8am with water and no food for 2hours I’m responsible and make sure it’s taken correctly

Thank you.

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greygoose in reply to McPammy

Do you have Hashi's?

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McPammy in reply to greygoose

Yes I have....

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greygoose in reply to McPammy

Then that's why your levels jump around, not because you're taking too much levo. :)

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McPammy in reply to greygoose

I don’t know why it’s so bad this year. I’ve never experienced anything like this in 11 years on Levothyroxine or having Hashi. Something has gone very wrong somewhere.

Thanks for your support 👍😀

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greygoose in reply to McPammy

Hashi's doesn't have a linear progression. It can go into remission for years, or just stay static, then start moving downwards rapidly. It's the nature of the beast to be unpredictable.

What a shame I soon learnt my mistake paying an extortionate price for no service.

If you can order blood tests from either Blue Horizon ( thyroid 11) or Medichecks (Ultra)

I have just had mine done the cost £78 plus £39 for a nurse to come to the house and take the blood draw. Take the test fasting first thing and leave of NDT for 10/12 hours prior to the test. Then post the results with the ranges for answers.

I have paid out over two thousand pounds for so called private Endos. The only way I have

become well again is to join this site post the results and then listens to answers.

I self medicate with NDT and now feel well I am 72 years old with no thyroid.

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McPammy in reply to

I managed to reduce the £1k bloods by getting some done on NHS. It was all so quick I didn’t have time to think properly. I’ve been on NDT now for 4 months. I don’t think it’s right for me. My T4 is always too low. I tried to increase it by a quarter then my T3 went over the range and I was bad. Either too low or too high seems to effect me greatly. Leaving me unable to walk.

I’m glad you’re sorted. I hope to be soon! Take care

in reply to McPammy

Which NDT are you taking?

What brand of NDT have you been taking?

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McPammy in reply to meme

Not sure we can mention brands on here. It begins with E.

I’m on 1 grain 60mg daily. I was on 75mcg of Levothyroxine 4 months ago.

No nothing I can think of. My vitamins were all low except D. I’ve now been supplemented and they are good or improving. I thought I was getting better but not completely. The past week my legs are crumbling beneath me again. The only thing is my T4 is below the range and my TSH has suddenly gone high to 7.5.

Why I have no idea. Maybe as my T4 is too low.

I’ve lost my good job with this. I’m fed up for sure. But trying my utmost to keep positive. I’m normally postitive person.

I’ve been stuck in since May with a few outings locally when I thought I was getting better. Now I’m stuck again. God help us all. This bloody Hashimoto is horrible. 11 years I was sort or ok. A few times experiencing weakness and surging of what felt like to high adrenaline.

Thank you!!! 👍

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