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Results update

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Hi all

I went to my GP with my recent blood results (refer to my previous post for all info) finally he has increased my Levothyroxine from 75mcg daily to 100mcg one day and 75mcg the next. It's small but at least an increase not a decrease as before.

The dr at blue horizons thought my low/insufficient B12 result was significant and I would benefit from monthly 1000mcg intramuscular injection of B12, my GP said he didn't agree and wanted repeat nhs test as the range was different to the usual.

He said maybe start an oral b12 supplement after I get the blood test, and we'll do rpt thyroid test (TSH only) in February.

I've just started on the better you B12 spray (after blood test) and am thinking folate and vit D could do with being a bit higher.

Any comments or further advice will be appreciated.

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Yes your B12 is dreadful and needs to be at least 500 (try sublingual methylcobalamin at least 5000iu a day to start with). But GPs think that anywhere in range is OK - treatment costs them money. Folate should be about half way up range (methylfolate is the one to get)and Vit D at least in the high 90s. Your thyroid results show slight undermedication - no point doing just TSH, it's the free t3 that is way too low (unless you feel good). Is GP not worried about your high ferritin? Could just be the result of an infection, but not a good thing.

Thanks Angel

No surprises I'm feeling so tired and achy!

I'll sort out the sublingual B12 to get my dose upto 5000iu a day. Have you got a brand you can recommend for the folate?

The GP is repeating the ferritin but didn't seem concerned, I was thinking it may be linked to the low B12.

I'll get the private test in Feb so I can check the t3 and vitamin levels.

You're right when you say gp's are happy if result anywhere in range!

Thanks for your help

I usually buy Jarrow Formulas, but there are other good brands

I'll try and get some, any ideas how long it might be till I start feeling any benefit? I could happily stay in bed all day😣

I know the thyroxine increase takes 4-6 weeks.


It seems to be very individual. Personally, I noticed T3 within about 24 hours, but B12 took months.

I'm hoping the small increase in thyroxine dose will be enough to push my T3 off the bottom of the scale, my GP won't prescribe anything other than Levothyroxine even though I think I could do with some Liothyronine!

Fingers crossed that this plus increased vitamin B12 & folate will give me some improvement 😊

I was going to say you might as well not bother testing in February if all he will do is TSH when it's your FT3 that's screaming out for attention and the only thing that needs testing in February. You will probably have to repeat your own private test to see if there has been any improvement.

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Eladee in reply to FancyPants54

Thanks fancypants54

I'll get the private test done aswell so we can see t3. I'm considering the blue horizons DNA test which may show if I've got conversion issues.

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