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Finding Mercury Phama Liothyronine


I was prescribed Mercury pharmacy Liothyronine as a trial as levithyroxine on its own was not alleviating my hypothyroidism symptoms (brain fog and exhaustion). It worked brilliantly and life suddenly became much easier. However after 3 months my consultant was not allowed to prescribe any more. They helped me get Thybon from Germany with a letter but this hasn't been anywhere near as good and I am really struggling again. Does anyone know of a way to get Mercury Pharma privately or offer any suggestions?

Thank you

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Your Consultant is not following the rules and I'd send him a copy of the following.

T3 should NOT have been withdrawn from patients as the interpretation by many doctors/consultants is wrong. So either discuss with your GP so that you can get T3 prescribed again and ask him to contact consultant.


You will only get Mercury Pharma T3 at ridiculous price £258 for 28 tablets unless you can get your T3 prescription reinstated on NHS

If doing well on T3, it should NOT be withdrawn by endocrinologist. Ask/insist they do an individual funding request on your behalf

New NHS England Liothyronine guidelines November 2018

Dossier presented to Lord O'Shaughnessy November 26th

Write to your endocrinologist, your MP, CCG, local PALS and Lord O'Shaughnessy

Getting DIO2 gene test may help in getting NHS T3 back

I've got mine back with an IFR through my hospital consultant but he won't write Mercury Pharma on the prescription. So far I've been lucky and the pharmacist has managed to get it for me but I'm concerned that as so many people have had it denied that it will go out of production and I will then have to have the dreaded Teva. I believe Morningside is OK so would give that a go although I'd much rather not have to make a change. Slowdragon is right though, with a private prescription you can buy it yourself but at that ridiculous price which I couldn't afford. I was prepared, before my IFR went through, to buy some while I was waiting but the pharmacy wanted to add nearly as much again for handling a private prescription.

Hi Summer64,

I was on the mercury pharma T3 for many years as they were the only ones making it,until my Pharmacist couldn't get it a few months ago and I had to have Morningside.To start with for a couple of weeks I didn't think I would get on with it, as I had headaches all the time. But it settled down after that, and is o.k. now.I ask for this brand now as I think that changing back to Mercury again I might have the same problem.

Thanks for that. I did contact Morningside as the Thybon Henning from Germany and the Cynomel from France both gave me dizziness and list that as the no 1 side effect. Morningside don't list it so maybe I'll be Ok but don't really want headaches either.

Hi Summer, no I don't blame you.

Most things seem to give me headaches,I can't take most supplements such as Vit D and iron as they give me headaches.I had Teva thyroxine and that gave me headaches,so luckily back on the Wockhart brand now.I refused to try the Teva liothyronine!

How strange. I didn't get on with Wockhardt levothyroxine. It must be something else they add that causes us to have these different side effects.

Re Liothyronine by Morningside I developed a terrible allergic skin reaction to this brand: red, rough, burning patches on both sides of my neck, behind my ears and into my ears. It took me along time to realise what caused this horrendous allergy. I eliminated one thing after an other, when I finally came to test my expensive medication Lio by Morningside (40 mcg/day). I found some out of date Mercury tablets. After about 3 to 4 days my skin started to recover and after a week all symptoms had vanished. You may be lucky.

Thank you for all the fantastic advice. I have now been prescribed 3 months of the Mercury Pharma brand and am putting in a IFR for continued funding for the drug.

Fingers crossed this works out.

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