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Mercury Pharma/Actavis?

Since I was diagnosed in 2011 I have always taken Mercury Pharma Levo. A couple of months ago I discovered that I'd been given something else (as I always get it in bottles).

I have just been reading about Teva and wondered if that's what I have been taking and maybe that was the cause of the several new symptoms I have, so I rang the chemist and apparently I am taking 100mcg of Actavis and 25mcg of Mercury. Is Actavis considered OK? I was told that they only dispensed what the wholesalers gave them :-( Is there any way I can get hold of Mercury Pharma?

EDIT: Just received an email from Concordia who say they have Eltroxin and Levothyroxine in stock and that my pharmacist can contact them to obtain stock. Not sure where to go from here??

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Tell your pharmacy that unless they can get you the Mercury Pharma you prefer you will take your prescription elsewhere.

Btw you shouldn't have to ask what brand medication you have been given. Your pharmacy should supply you with a patient information leaflet, batch no. and expiry date for each medication dispensed in bottles. I don't understand why they are dispensing Levothyroxine in that fashion. I have only ever had Levothyroxine supplied in boxes of 28 blister packs.


When I first started using this pharmacy I asked what kind of Levo they had and was told they had a brand in boxes (can't remember which) and "loose" Mercury, so I have always had Mercury in bottles, with my notes suitably inscribed. However a few months ago I realised they were giving me some other stuff and decanting them into bottles...maybe thinking I had some strange cardboard box allergy!

PS: I have edited my post. I have heard from Concordia who say they have Levo in stock so I think I'll shop around.

Would a change from Mercury to Actavis be enough to give me several new symptoms?



Yes, a change of brand means different fillers which affect absorption. I don't do well on Mercury Pharma Levothyroxine so my pharmacy supplies me Actavis or Wockhardt. Technically all Leovthyroxine in the UK is generic not branded.


Wow...I was all set to order a test from Blue Horizon so if I can track some Mercury down hopefully it will save me a few quid ;-)

I've never been what I would call fantastic on Mercury but if what's going on with me at present is down to Actavis gimme Mercury any day!


I can only take Mercury Pharma. Where I use to live a small independent pharmacy would always get them for me, including 25mcgs which can be trickier to find.

Recently moved areas, only got Boots here and Lloyds next nearest (8 miles away) Both flatly refuse to supply Mercury Pharma (even though it's written on prescription) and I am only looking for 100mcgs tabs now taking T3/T4 combo

I drive 20 miles back to old Pharmacist. Seems easiest option

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I have tracked another chemist down just 5 mins away who stock Mercury so I am chuffed! Just need to get to get another prescription now...which is proving rather difficult given the couldn't care less attitude of my GP surgery coupled with a bank holiday weekend.


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