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Is this a sign of Graves


Free t4 29.3 pmol/L 11.0 - 26.0

Free T3 10.7 PmolL 3.9 - 6.8

Tsh. 0.03. uU/ml 0.35 - 4.50

My results with my consultant recently this week

These results below were my results alter weeks ago

T4 25.9 ......... 9.0 -26.1

Tsh 0.07 ........ 0.27 - 4.20

Tpo 149......... 35ku/l

My scan showed Thyroid inflammation/ Thyroiditis which is non specific

I also have a small nodule 1cm

What does this look like frm my reading please I don’t want Graves’ disease

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Your previous post says TRab antibodies were negative

This was the test for Graves

So this high FT4 and FT3 could be temporary thyroiditis or a hot nodule or Hashimoto's

Zahrazori in reply to SlowDragon

These doctors are driving me in sane the receptionist called and said the trab results are not back yet hence why I’m all worried again

Those levels - plus the thyroiditis found on the scan - sounds more like Hashi's to me. :)

I did reply to you on your last post, but my response appears not to be there - don't know what happened to that! But, I said that it looks more like you have Hashi's with that TPOab result, and you should ring the endo's secretary to get the ranges so that we can know for sure.

But, in answer to your question, no, it doesn't look like Grave's to me. But I'm not a specialist.

Zahrazori in reply to greygoose

All the information they gave me was above they are the ranges above

Which ranges did u want to see please

Thank you for ur prompt reply means a lot to me can these levels sort them selves out sometimes?

greygoose in reply to Zahrazori

The range for the TPO antibodies. But, yes, I see they are above, and you are positive for Hashi's. You have Hashi's, not Grave's, but doctors just don't seem to know the difference, as I said before.

Zahrazori in reply to greygoose

Hi grey goose

Hope ur well

I have just been told today the my trabs are slightly elevated what does this mean my gp said she didn’t knw what it means as they don’t usually do them

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