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Osteoporosis treatment


I now have osteoporosis diagnosed 2015 but i didnt take the meds gp prescibed at the time 3 years on i had another dexa scan gp has said theres not a lot of difference he has suggested that i take the meds for it i already take vit d3 3000 iu with k2 mk7 he has prescibed calchichew D3 forte 400iu with Risedronate sodium i really dont know what is best the Risedronate is Teva brand im still not feeling that great with thyroid meds dose at the moment and i dont want any more unwanted side effects can anyone advise please!

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Doctors tend to think that calcium is the fix for osteoporosis but it is not as simple as that.

Vitamin D is crucial and you could increase your daily dose to 5,000 IU. There is no danger in taking this amount. The 2010 US Institute of Medicine (IOM) report indicates 10,000 IU/day is considered the NOAEL (no observed adverse effect level).

Untreated or undertreated hypothyroidism also causes osteoporosis. Additionally, exercise is important for bone strength and many with thyroid issues do not have the necessary energy, so getting the thyroid treatment correct is essential.

SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to HughH

Hypothyroidism also causes osteoporosis

Is that definite? Have you a link?

I've been hypothyroid and on Levo for 43 years, with 20 of those, to my knowledge, having a suppressed TSH. I am 70 years old and I don't have osteoporosis.

HughH in reply to SeasideSusie

Sorry, should have said untreated or undertreated hypothyroidism can cause osteoporosis.

The following article on 'The influence of thyroid dysfunction on bone metabolism'


There is a section on 'The influence of overt hypothyroidism on bone'

Well once my Endo knows of my Scan results i suppose he wont wont me on back on combo t4 t3 again ive been on Levo only all this year im definetly not over medicated but have a supressed tsh thats a long while SeasideSusie you have been on Levo with supressed Tsh n No osteoporosis

Marz in reply to momo1948

Please read up on drmyhill.co.uk about osteoporosis and the supplements you need ... Calcium is part of the osteoclasts - the breaking down of old bone cells. You need lots of the good stuff detailed in link above fot the osteoblasts that create new bone cells. Sorry on my phone so not able to do actual link - just remember web address. 😊

Bunnyjean in reply to Marz

Thank you I have read the full write up and intend to up my game, so to speak.

momo1948 in reply to Marz

Thank You Marz will read up..

Marz in reply to momo1948

Important information so do try to read up when you can 😊

momo1948 in reply to Marz

I will Marz Thank you


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