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Holby City

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Morning did anyone watch Holby City last night? A gentleman had a fall and was behaving very confused. Their thoughts turned to dementia but it wasn't until the consultant decided to do TFT they found he was hypo. Consultant said to the patient don't worry we will put you on Levo and in a couple of weeks you will be fine!!!!!! Really 😱. I'm not hypo but hyper but even so a couple of weeks after some of the posts I've read that just doesn't happen🙄😂

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Yes! :-)


Irresponsible! Does anyone have an email or snail addr for the Director of the show?

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purple64 in reply to Eddie83

Don't know how you would find it🤔

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helvellaAdministrator in reply to purple64

The program website within the BBC's website:

Click on: Q: How do I complain about the TV show?


What doesn't happen? It is well know in Germany that lots of the symptoms of Thyroid problems are similar to or same as mental health issues! Any referral to mental health they make sure to check the thyroid function of the patients. Just weeks and major depression or similar can be treated. GPs here don't seem to know and offer counseling and patients suffer for decades.

The doctor's advice was wrong but wasn't the comment they made true to life in our experience? Isn't that what Holby is about rather than a source of medical information?!?

Sounds very like symptoms of PA/B12 deficiency, which is supposed to be tested for before giving a diagnosis of dementia, as over the age of 60, hydrochloric acid, which enables absorption of vitamin B12 is more likely to diminish.

40% of people with PA/B12def. also develop thyroid disease and vice versa.


" Step 5: Laboratory testing

- All individuals

- Complete blood cell count (differential)

- Electrolytes

- Renal, liver and thyroid function tests

- Vitamin B12 levels

- Routine relative peak ratio "

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