CT scan of neck and chest - would I have been told there and then it it had of showed nodules?

I had a ct scan a week ago and I'm now getting a bit impatient, I'm having a gastroscopy in two weeks so I presume won't see the consultant until after that. Do you think that I would have been told if the CT scan showed nodules? I'm hypo on thyroxine for a couple of years. As swallowing has become increasinly uncomfortable I went to my GP who then referred me to a gasterenterologist. I can feel a constant ache in my neck and can't lay flat on my back anymore.

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  • Phone the consultant's secretary and maybe she will be able to find out and phone you back. Or, maybe, they've written to your GP.

    You want to know one way or another as you are being kept in suspense.

    Hope your gastroscopy is o.k.as your problem at the moment sounds awful.

  • Thanks Shaws, I've just called the secretary and she said the results aren't back yet and the consultant will discuss with me on the day of my gastroscopy so I guess it's just two more weeks to wait. In addition to the swallowing and tender feeling my voice sounds like its constantly about to give in. I have a meeting later and dreading it as I'm very conscious of constantly having to clear my throat. Anyway thanks for your response, going to try to be less impatient!

  • Too late now I'm sure - but do you keep a little water by you to sip when in meetings? If responsibility for the meeting is on you that might make you just a leetle bit nervous anyway. And this problem in your throat will make that worse. Keep it cool and lubricated.

  • Thanks Shaws, I'm never sure what the procedure is. I've really resisted going to the GP as I've finally felt normalish (after taking your advice previously) but the swallowing problem and tender feeling in my neck has just got to bad for me. The GP said it isn't thyroid related. I'll be brave and make the call :) thanks

  • CT results generally around the country take around 4 weeks to be reported on. Having just had my 3rd one this year on the 20th Sept I am still waiting for results these were taken in different regions. I kept on at my gp for the first couple and she did chase while I was with her and this time I have been chasing the consultants secretary. Granted this is for my aneurysm and not nodules but when I had my nodules checked by ultrasound this year it was much quicker. Do keep checking with the secretary, the gp's can chase but they generally don't find anything out until the letter arrives. Sorry if this isn't what you wanted to hear but I know how frustrating it is to be waiting. Keep your chin up and try not to worry, easier said than done x

  • Thanks 2ndtime round. The consultant and scan were private so I'm hoping it may be a little quicker. Still not sure a gasterenterologist is the right person to see. Sorry to hear about your aneurism, hope you are getting on ok

  • Hi NHS CT scan results do take a bit longer. Only way to see nodules for thyroid is a simple thyroid ultra sound. Then if nodules a biopsy is essential, under a further ultra sound, specialist radiologist. Mostly OK but essential.It is also quite likely that the CT was just abdomen as high exposure, limited to where the consultant thinks the problem is. Not that high, have to have several a year.Surprised you have not had a gastroscopy, simple and also if negative you may need a similar scope by ENT. Neither show nodules, Even a CT specific nuclear scan for PTH does not show the thyroid, why then you also need an ultra sound of the thyroid.

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  • Thanks Jackie, luckily I have private healthcare insurance so the consultant and the scan were private - not sure if that will make the turnaround time a little quicker. The GP referred me to a gasterenterologist as she didn't think the problems were thyroid related. The gasterenterologist said he'd send me for the CT scan as the thyroid lobe could have grown down into my chest?? The scan was definately for my neck and chest as it was wrote on the form and the machine didn't go down any lower.

    I had hoped to be referred to an endocrinologist but I suppose at last it's some progress.....

  • Hi Well for the CT to show anything thyroid wise, it certainly has to be a nuclear scan. with dye.When I had mine, large teaching hospital ( privately) I had a radiologist, consultant specialist who deals specifically in thyroid ,PTH etc It cannot be done at a private hospital, only top teaching hospitals with a nuclear dept. I have my CT`s mostly privately as I like my own radiologists, I have lots. They have to do a report within 48 hours. but a lot of the private hospitals ( I use 3) are terrible at actually sending out results. I would phone the sec ( gastros) and ask if he has received it, if not to chase it. I had an emergency on earlier in the year for cancer. After 2 weeks they just put it on their computer, so no one notified !! That is Priory terrible with any results However, if very bad, privately radiologist will normally phone the referring consultant.

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  • Thanks Jackie, hope your result wasn't cancer.

    Yes I had a dye, I couldn't quite see what he was doing as I was told to keep my head still but it went into my arm where I have blood taken from. It made me feel really hot and a funny taste in my mouth.

    I think I've been referred to the wrong type of consultant as I'm convinced my problems are to do with my thyroid. I've spoken to the secretary this morning and she said the results aren't back yet and the consultant will discuss with me on the day of the gastroscopy. Thanks for your input Jackie, I'm really clueless on these matters!

  • Hi That sounds as if it was just a CT scan, it is done with a nuclear scan, with an injection of isotope and a serious of pictures, with intervals. .that is the 2 tests for PTH The thyroid is different and has to be an ultra sound. Why all 3 if PTH a suspect. PTH is normally cancer, but self contained and operated on very successfully. Thyroid, if nodules cancerous, also a good ,successful OP usually. PTH is usually first found by a blood test, must be done AM and 3 done together, PTH, corrected calcium and vit D, if all high or 2 high ( over range) and D high for you. Then you have the PTH tests. otherwise for thyroid just an ultra sound, followed by biopsy for nodules. It does sound to me as if you are under the wrong speciality, or may be guts too. I have had 4 gastro over the years, top hospitals, always found they were useless at diagnosis and generally hopeless. I now see a hepatologist, they start of as Gastro, what a difference. If you were me , I would try to find a really good endo, ask Gastro or GP then to refer you. However, important to find your own, all covered by insurance companies. I never go by s docs recommendation, been there done that , lied to regret it.If head and neck and not thyroid that is ENT.If starting with an Endo, not so bad as their speciality has to have a wide knowledge of the body and how it works.

    Sorry if this bothers you but had a lot of experience and just how t has been for me.

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  • Thanks Jackie, that's very helpful. Yes I do think the GP has just referred me to the wrong place! She was insistent that my thyroid couldn't cause my symptoms. The gasterenterologist does seem quite good, he said the CT was to check whether the thyroid had grown down into my chest, he said after both tests if he couldn't find anything he'd refer me to ENT. When we get to that stage I'll ask for an endocrinologist. Thanks for taking the time to respond, I really appreciate your advice/knowledge.

  • Good luck.


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