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Do I have a Thyroid Problem?


Hi folks,

I found your wonderful community just before I go in for a blood test on Tuesday this week!

My situation - I have had a lot of stress since last one year (the stress is now much less for the last one month). I started losing my hair since Oct of last year and it has been relentless - my scalp hurts and itches where I lose hair. I also had memory problems, couldn't find words from my vocabulary, poor sleep, cold hands and legs, mild itching on my body. My weight has been stable.

My GP did my menopause blood and referred me to Gynaecologist - I am now taking estrogen and progesterone (HRT). This has improved the thickness of my hair but my hair loss never stopped.

I went to see a dermatologist but she did not prescribe a Thyroid test - please can you suggest what thyroid test should I ask for? Could this be thyroid?

Thank you!


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Are you from the UK, as normally an Endocrinologist would order thyroid testing or your GP.

A Dermatologist is for skin disorders, so they would not really have experience in thyroid issues.

For thyroid testing you need to ask for your TSH, T3 & T4 to be tested.

It maybe a good idea to test for autoimmune disease and your vitamin levels including iron as well.

If your GP will not do all of those (many refuse) then it’s advised to have them done privately.

I have provided a link if you are from the Uk to medi checks that do those tests. If you enter code MED99 there is I believe a 20% discount.

Best wishes


Thank you so much for your prompt response. I will first ask my GP to do these tests. If that fails, I will go to the website you suggested. Keeping fingers crossed...


If you GP does agree to do those tests, make sure you obtain the copies of your blood results, which you are entitled to by law.

Patients are often told that the results are normal, when in fact they are not. What they mean is they are within the lab ranges.

Once you have copies post them on here including ranges, and the experienced members will be able to advise.

It’s recommended that thyroid testing is done first thing in the morning, before 9am, no eating and drink water only.

This is a tip we pass on here and no need to mention this to your GP/nurse or Endocrinologist.

Why? Well your TSH is always high in the morning and this may help you get treatment for your thyroid or help obtain an increase of thyroid medication without having to put up a fight with your GP.

Unfortunately, in the UK if your TSH is below 10, you may struggle to get any help with thyroid medication on the NHS.

We are the only country that insists on having such a high TSH before starting treatment, despite us feeling terrible.

This happened to me.

It’s still early days for you, as until you have those tests mentioned it could be anything, but, it’s a good idea to try and educate yourself before hand, don’t reply on GP to have the answers.

Good luck &. Best wishes


Thank you! Will do!


I urge you to keep pushing to get blood tests like you I have lost my hair my skin is so itchy I went on for ages with awfull conditions and like you I am going threw the menupause so all my symptoms were put down to this.i started sweating profusely first,then started shaking really bad.. my joints were really painful I did have a blood test but it came back as normal 😡 As I say normal for who!!! Then I could not stand it any longer I went back to my docs and ad a medical review found nothing wrong😡😡😡😡 a couple of days later I got another appointment with a different doc who immediately saw my conditions shaking,sweating,in pain a raging thirst ect she said "I think you have a thyroid condition" and yes my blood test came back as hyperthyroidism I have gone on for ages with the doctor said it is some times hard to catch the condition with a one off blood test you sometimes need blood done every 6 wks to catch it as hyperthyroidism is an auto immune condition it sometimes shows up when you are attaking your thyroid as I was..hope this helps you somewhat Jane push for your bloods..


Juneworldcup in reply to rimmer

Thank you so much for sharing your story and your advise! I am going to get my blood test either with GP or get it done privately...let’s see what comes of it..

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