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Have I a hormone or thyroid problem.

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I am a very complex person with a lot of especially psychatric problems. I was tested for thyroid function about 16 years ago and my tsh was a bit high but later tests proved normal. I have had weight issues but also know that I have overeaten and had no proper boundrys around food for a lot of my life. I was about 26 stone 10 years ago and with the help of overeaters anonymous lost about 12 stone and found a measured, balanced way to eat. I took up running which I love then about 18 months ago my running seemed to be getting more difficault and my times slower. I weighed a GPs and discovered that I was putting on weight. I put on a couple of stone over next couple of months and kicked up a fuss at GPs to have extensive blood tests. I was told they were all normal. I have since gained another couple of stone. I have had a very traumatic life, my mum died last year and this has triggered the reliving and trauma to surface. It has been a very distressing and traumatic year. I am not deppressed but had a chronic untreated deppression for thirty years. My hair has always been dry. I get hot when active but sometimes strip off when active outdoors but if I get cold find it impossible to warm up again. I used to sweat perfusely from my face when I was extremley over weight but this seems to have died off. I have lactated on and off through my adult life. I am currently frightened of doctors but have a good mental health GP. I don't know if I could cope with blood tests currently unless they were done in my home as I am frightened of equiptment in clinic rooms. Any thought from you lovely people.

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Sorry mandyjane but I don't really know, just wanted to reply.

Lots of us have blood results within normal range (and feel awful nonetheless), rule of thumb is to post your blood results (and ranges) for folks to get a better idea to help. Also insist on vitamin and mineral tests - irons, ferritin, B12 and folate, Vit D - they're usually low in hypothyroid conditions. As for stress and adrenal issues, again I don't pretend to know, but there are tests.

One thing I notice is you lactate? may I suggest a pituitary test too? just a thought - we're not docs here, just fellow sufferers. Best Wishes Jane :D

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Hi Mandyjane, Lactation can be a symptom of thyroid hormone deficiency, as well as a side effect of certain medications. Just to clarify, thyroid problems actually are hormone problems. The thyroid gland produces hormones. If the thyroid hormones are out of kilter, then other hormones will also be affected, which is why lactation can happen.

As spareribs has said, if you can tell us your thyroid blood test details (the full numbers), we may be able to offer some suggestions.Without this info, we can only make wild guesses.

If you don't have your test results, then that's your next move, to contact your surgery and request the relevant printouts. The word 'normal' is not acceptable and actually quite meaningless when it comes to thyroid issues, you need to know the actual numbers.

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mandyjane, agree with spareribs and RedApple some testing is a necessity with the results and the ranges, keep copies for yourself. No I am not a doctor, yes you are probably hypo.

Thyroid is your sense of well being. Depression, classic hypo symptom. Dry hair, classic hypo symptom. Decreasing stamina or energy levels, classic hypo symptom. "a lot of especially psychatric problems", classic hypo and/or hormonal imbalances symptom. If the thyroid is off so can be many of the other hormones, usually. My mother was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic, she was not, she was just grossly underdosed on her thyroid medication. A hundred years ago they knew that low thyroid could cause everything from mild depression to frank insanity and everything in between including auditory and visual hallucinations and paranoia. Shrinks today are pretty much useless and miss the thyroid connection all the time. You can do a great deal to improve your quality of life but it will require some dedication on your part. It is not easy but it is well worth it. You will find support on this site and many have had a similiar journey. Testing and posting your results is where you start. PR

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Your thyroid is a major part of your hormonal system so as I think its not either or it the same system!!!!

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RedAppleAdministrator in reply to Glynisrose

However, it is possible to have hormonal issues that are not actually caused by the thyroid.

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Yes, true but eventually it must be a factor as there is only ONE hormonal system in the body not two.

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I have had hormonal-type symptoms along with thyroid problems for years. I have facial hair (sexy.... not!) and have undergone all manor of tests to find out why but no-one's been able to tell me. My endo. dismissed it years ago and various specialists have pooh-poohed it as "women's things" and a "cosmetic issue". I left one particular appointment in tears after one such remark.

I am fairly sure it's connected to thyroid because when I was diagnosed hyper (only after a thyroid storm) and prescribed Carbimazole, Aspirin and Propananlol, the facial hair growth cleared up completely(!) for about 6 weeks before returning. I have had laser treatment, contraceptive treatment, electrolysis but it still comes back. I have tried anti-androgen therapy and herbal remedies as well but it's a no-go. So now.... I just live with it.

I have recently started taking multi-vitamins however, including Selenium, which I read helps to convert T4 into T3.... and my skin is so much better after only a week and I have dropped 5lb in weight!!. It's all trial and error but if I can get my skin looking better and drop some more weight, I can cope with the rest. Good luck with your journey.... :-)

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Hi mandyjane, yes it is possible you have a thyroid problem but you really do need to get to the doctor for a test. I had depression/psychiatric problems for years before i was diagnosed hypothyroid - have a look at my blog (click on my name and then click on 'all my blogs'). If you have ever taken lithium or some antidepressants like Prozac these can cause thyroid problems too. I know it's horrible going to see doctors but please try - it should lead you to getting the help you need. Good luck x

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Hi Mandyjane,i'm assuming dr is thinking it's more psychiatric than thyroid as this what happened to me,i 1st went to gp after my son wa born and it was months before they decided to test thinking i have post natal depression ,as i also have had a lot to cope with,keep on at them .xx

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Hi Mandyjane,

Was sorry to hear of what your going through and know you will find support on this site from us whenever you need it.

You said you were tested when you were sixteen and the results were a bit high, it could well be that you have been Hypothyroid since that time. I similarly had my thyroid tested in my early twenties when I started to suffer from mild depression and the results were "borderline" subsequently I was never tested again until 2010 where I was diagnosed as having Hashimotos disease, PCOS, low cortisol and insulin resistance (all hormonal illnesses).

Before my diagnosis I had gone from a functioning human being into an agoraphobic who was so clinically depressed that I did not get out of bed for years. I gained six stone, had nightly cold sweats, my speech became slurred,lost all mental clarity, and my face,neck, arms and feet swelled up beyond recognition and to add insult to injury started growing a beard lol! It resulted in two attempted suicides and yes you could say I was pretty "mental" at the time. Under the "care" of the mental health team I was diagnosed as having bi-polar disorder and trialled on many heavy psychotropic drugs all to no avail until a change of G.P who looked into my Thyroid and dismissed my "bi-polar" label.

I had all but given up and resigned myself to my label and it turned out that it was not mental but in fact physical...since then off all anti-depressants, lost four stone, go out every day, have taken up a degree but it has taken years to come to terms to the very damaging misdiagnosis at the hands of Doctors I trusted.

As many have already stated depression/psychiatric conditions ARE symptoms in thyroid conditions, granted we do not all experience the same symptoms in the same order but your weight gain,loss of zest, body temperature irregularities,dry hair etc are all classic symptoms.

Was very impressed with all the weight you lost through eaters anonymous, a fantastic programme, so you obviously are a very strong and intelligent lady. Now is the time to turn that energy to learning about this insidious and debilitating disease and with the support of this wonderful community who will support your quest for health.

My best advice is read and learn as much as you can, demand proper treatment and tests by your doctors and don't give up. I had six years of my life ruined due to the evergrowing short-sightedness of Doctors to throw anti-depressants and lovely DSMV labels at my symptoms and although this may sound a little sceptical feel it had more to do with big pharmaceutical companies making money.

Kind Regards



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You yourself are the best expert on knowing what is, and is not good, and/or bad for your individual body!! Follow , mark down, and continue monitoring, how different medicines make you feel, react, be able to function wholly. Then go to a doctor with your results, and listen and hear what he or she might have to say. They have alot to deal with now adays, so don't be too hard on them. Bye From U.S.A. me.

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