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Graves disease 2 years after thyroidectomy lab tests results


Here are my latest lab test results

Tsh 0.065 L range .470-4.680

T4 free 1.0. 0.8-2.2

T3 free 4.09. 2.77-5.27

This translates to hyperthyroidism, is that correct? It's very confusing as low as high and high is low. I have been instructed to take one less pill a week 48.75 naturethroid. I was taking 8 and now I am taking 7 a week. I have been on this dose before. I seem to go from hyper to hypo when the difference in one pill. My symptoms are again scratchy cakey eyes, double vision, aching muscles, and Hyper talking. I am taking vitamin A and D, selenium 200 mg, lutein for my eyes, low dose of Melatonin and B12. What do you all think about this? It's the usual attitude of the Endo not recognizing these symptoms as being an imbalance in hormones. Although now that I had the test I am obviously hyper thyroid. It's very hard to understand the higher your hyper is? Is that correct? Thank you for your knowledgeable critique. I am so glad this blog is here and so supportive because you can't get any information out of the doctors.

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I cannot answer some of your question but you cannot by hyper with that FT3 results which has more room for improvement.

Why not do a comprehensive bloods test as others have done and then post the results with the ranges on here for answers.

I have never had Graves but I think that you require more NDT to feel better. You will feel better when your Level of FT3 is high in the range. Have you had any antibody tests or B12, Folate, Ferritin and Vitamins D?

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