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Thyroidectomy for graves disease tomorrow

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Hello everyone, Just a quick post before my total thyroidectomy tomorrow.I have been on medication( titration and then block and replace) since I was diagnosed in 2018.After alot of research and soul searching I have decided that a thyroidectomy will be the best choice for me.I have not been pressured in any way by any medical professional and have come to the decision in my own time.I think this is really important.I am going into it with a good mindset and am nervous but very positive.I have been taking lugols iodine solution for the past 10 days to reduce blood supply to my thyroid and therefore minimise bleeding.My thyroid feels well controlled and I feel calmer than I have done in a long time.No more repetitive thoughts and songs going round and round in my head or a constant internal shaking feeling.I also have TED which is active at the moment.I will be on steroids tapering off after the operation to minimise problems there.I will do a couple of posts along the way incase anyone is considering a thyroidectomy,feels they are being pushed towards one, or has to have one out of necessity.Hopefully another experience might be helpful to someone.I will try and keep my profile updated if anyone is interested to take a look.I know people on here will always be ready to help if I have any problems along the way.Thankyou for reading.

22 Replies
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Good luck with your operation, I will be very interested in hearing how it all goes as I am on the waiting list for mine and very nervous too.

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Cavapoochonowner in reply to Darto76

Thankyou.I was refered to ENT last June so it has taken around a year from referral.I'm in Yorkshire.Hope my experience will reassure you.

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Sending you very best wishes cavapoochonowner. You’ve made an informed decision that’s right for you. Please keep us posted on your op and recovery. 🦋

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Cavapoochonowner in reply to Buddy195

Thankyou for your good wishes.

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Good luck and hope it will work for you well!

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Cavapoochonowner in reply to Healthylife21


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I wish you a swift recovery after your op and that you will find your health/symptoms have improved.

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Cavapoochonowner in reply to shaws

thankyou very much

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Best wishes for your procedure and recovery. :)

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thanks for your good wishes

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I trust all will go well tomorrow. The operation is nothing to worry about but you might want to ask for reassurance that if after giving it a good try you are not doing well on Levothyroxine alone, you will definitely be given the chance of trying the combination of Levothyroxine and Liothyronine. Many thyroidectomy patients need this to feel “normal” again and to get blood results into range. You may encounter resistance to this but bear it in mind for the future.

Oh and a tiny bottle of vitamin E oil works wonders once the initial wound has healed. Your scar will gradually vanish. Good luck.

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thankyou very much for your good wishes

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Hope everything goes well for you Cavapoochonowner Take care 🌸🌸

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Good luck, hope everything goes well.

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Hi Cavapoochonowner,

Will be thinking of you. All the best to you. Haven't sailed through with the levothyroxine but certainly have with the surgery itself.

Here's to a good outcome for you.

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Good luck and I hope it goes well xx

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Best of luck Cavapoochonowner !

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The very best of luck and a speedy recovery

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I had graves with TED & had a full thyroidectomy in 2013, no complications & you cannot even see the scar. All the very best & I hope you have a speedy recovery.

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thankyou very much for your positive message

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Litatamon in reply to Cavapoochonowner

Hope you are as comfortable as can be, and that they are pleased with the surgery.

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Cavapoochonowner in reply to Litatamon


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