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Supplement with Iron, Vitamin C and B12 interaction


Quick question, I was looking at this supplement. I’ve read that Vitamin C can reduce dietary absorption of B12. Would the B12 content in the supplement be reduced because of Vitamin C? Can assume it’ll be further taken with orange juice.


Thorne’s Ferrasorb

Vitamin C 15mg

B12 300mcg Methylcobalamin

B6 5mg

Folate 400mcg

Iron Bisglycinate 36mg

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The iron will affect absorption of the other vitamins, iron should be taken 2 hours away from other supplements.

If you need any of those other vitamins as well as iron, then buy an iron supplement and take a separate B Complex at a different time of day to the iron.

Hi Andy,

Vitamins are so complex! I just read this - "Vitamin C improves the absorption of iron from the stomach." Not sure about the other vitamins though. Good Luck and keep an eye on your own body to see how the vitamins are affecting you. We are all different, have different nutritional needs and respond differently. What helps one person may not help, or may even harm, another. So whatever you take - see how you respond. All the best.

Thanks! I was confused at first as I had read about the need to space out the iron. I was asking on behalf of my brother as his B12 was on the low end, dropped from 500 to 290 in past couple months. I will get him to take B12 sublingual methylcobalamin earlier in the day.

While his iron is good it can be better. Currently takes 100 Elemental Iron from Palafer with a glass of Orange Juice. I found a generic version online of the more expensive Feramax that has 150 Elemental Iron. Will look into that.

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