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Blood testing


Just writing this Incase it helps someone 😬

Whenever I have my bloods done, I am given a blood form with all the various boxes you can tick , depending on what you're testing for. I then need to take that form to the blood place to have my blood drawn, and sent off. Then the results come back to my doctors surgery.

I see a lot of posts on here that say "my doctor won't test for vitamins" or any FT3 or whatever. When I receive my blood form I take the same colour pen as my doctor used and I tick all the boxes of what I want to be tested for myself ! Such as ferritin , FT3, antibodies (TPO) Then I call the reception and ask for my results, nothing has ever been questioned.

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Mine are typed ,no boxes.



I think every surgery is different.

My surgery takes the blood and it gets collected and taken to the hospital (rural area, hospital is 60 miles away).

When the GP says you need blood tests, he ticks boxes on a tiny form about 2" X 1" that they print themselves and gives it to you. You take that to the reception desk and the receptionist takes the form off you, books your appointment with the nurse and puts the name of the tests on the computer. At the appointment the nurse takes the blood and deals with the "envelope" it's put into. The patient can't add anything.


I guess my surgery is still old school then haha would make sense in more ways than one 🙄

I used to do exactly that. Now all my blood forms are done electronically so it's not possible.

Some people do exactly as you do, some cannot due to electronic system and some are just perfect example of Darwin's theory of natural selection

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