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Advice interpret blood results.

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Test. 1/6/18 Range 25/7/18. 12/9/18

FT3 2.29 pg/mL 2.2-4.2 2.63 2.21

FT4. 0.75 ng/dL. 0.8-1.7. 0.87. 1.06

TSH. 2.49 mUl/mL. 0.3 3.6. 3.25. 0.89

Also on 12/9/18 antibody tests

TPO Ab. 88.74. IU/mL (1.0-16.0)

TG Ab 93.26 IU /mL (5.0-100.0)

I started on levothyroxine after the first set of results and following the second was increased to 75mg (just for interest....they prescribe it in liquid form here in Italy where I live permanently).

Do the latest set of reults show that I need to increase my does again? Does it indicate Hashimotos? Does it show poor conversion? Central/secondary?

I am so confused and my doctor does not seem to know an awful lot about thyroid disease..... although he is open to discussion.

I would be grateful for any comments and suggestions. Thank you.

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What are your latest results on their own and what we you taking then and for how long.

How do you feel now?

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