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Results advice please

Hello all,

I've been on 125mcg levo since Jan. Last 4 weeks I've been feeling almost normal, only slight joint pain and fatigue.

Results from Endo suggest I'm on right meds now. Endo wanted to get tsh a little higher but I've refused.

My query... although the hypo is being adequately treated, my antibodies are still high. Will this just always be the case with Hashis or is there something I can do to reduce them? Why is my body still in autoimmune response and will it speak to another organ/area if I don't address the Autoimmune?

Results = Your thyroid function tests are now much better. Your T4 is 18 (normal range 10-18.7) and T3 is 5.2 (normal range is 3.5 to 6.5). Your TSH is slightly depressed at 0.17 (normal range is 0.38 and 5.5). Thyroid Peroxidase Ab * >600 IU/mL 0 - 34


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When you have Hashi's, you really need your TSH completely suppressed, to limit antibody activity. It the TSH stimulating the thyroid that causes the antibodies to attack;

But, you could also try going 100% gluten-free, and taking selenium. They could both help lower antibodies.

Hashi's antibodies will only attack the thyroid, nothing else. Every type of autoimmune disease has its own antibodies.


Ah, thank you I didn't know the antibodies were specific to hashis.


You're welcome. :)

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As greygoose says, most of us with Hashimoto's (about 80% apparently) find strict gluten free diet reduces symptoms and can slowly lower antibodies. (Mine have halved in approx a year gluten free, and significant reduction in symptoms)

Good daily probiotic, plus fermented foods like kefir can also improve good gut bacteria.

What are your levels of vitamin D, folate, B12 & ferritin like?


I haven't had those tests done, but interestingly I was diagnosed with psoriasis prior to this and the only thing that alleviated it was a vitamin D cream. I wonder if it was a knock on sign of deficiency


Psoriasis is also autoimmune, and may also improve with gluten free diet.

Your GP should test these vitamins as they are recognised as likely deficient.

But if you can't get these done, private tests info on Thyroid UK website

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