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Gene test


Hi , I was just thinking 🤓 The gene screen , I guess is a fairly recent test.

if you are positive when diagnosed and looking for answers to the symptoms does it mean that you are unable to use your own hormone effectively before ailments are recognised and treated .

That surely most be the case and why so many on here have had problems for ages. Would that explain the reason if you don’t have the antibodies , Hashimoto. which may have come along later in your life.

Also if I only take T4 my symptoms are as before TT for cancer (even though it’s suggested there are no symptoms) if I add T3 they are very much better .

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Izabella Wentz has written a book "The Root Cause" which might answer your question.

They are finding Epstein Barre virus in the thyroid glands of patients. Genetics are said to be 20% of the risk but environmental factors usually make up the 80%. We are up against a multitude of them such as halides like fluoride, bromide and chlorine which usurp iodine receptors that your thyroid must have. There are also chemicals and hormones in our food supply which may also throw the balance of hormones off.

A combination of T4 and T3 seems to be more fitting than T4 only since that needs to be converted before your body can use it.

I trust you know your symptoms better than anyone. This site answers a lot of questions.

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